Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lots of Sand and Easy Dinner

Yesterday, the toddler and I got to spend some time digging in wet sand. Lots of sand. And the toddler got REALLY into it. And the sand got everywhere…

Sand 04
Sand 01
Sand 02
Sand 03
When we got home, I made an easy dinner. I had cooked some brown rice and roasted some veggies in the morning. We ate the rice and veggies with marinated tofu (a Farmers’ Market purchase), lots of fresh basil, and an over-easy egg. A simple, super quick and yummy dinner! :-)

Questions: When was the last time you got really dirty? The toddler and I had sand and mud EVERYWHERE… What have you been cooking/eating lately?

I got some questions regarding raw milk on my last post. I will answer your questions and tell you my thoughts on raw milk and raw milk products in my next post.

Be well,