Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunny, Relaxing, Long Weekend

The sun is finally shining in the Bay Area! It’s been a cold (for the season) and wet April and May. In fact, last week a meteorologist said that this is likely to be the coldest and wettest April/May in the Bay Area in recorded history. I’m not sure if the last few days changed that…

Luckily, the weather made up for it over the weekend. It was pleasantly warm but not too hot. Actually, it was pretty much perfect. And we took full advantage of the great weather and the extra day off.
We spent time at the garden theme park, and the toddler had a blast.

Memorial Day Weekend 01

Memorial Day Weeend 02

Memorial Day Weekend 03
Memorial Day Weekend 04

We also went to some Farmers’ Markets.

Memorial Day Weekend 10
Memorial Day Weekend 06
Memorial Day Weekend 07

Memorial Day Weekend 08

Memorial Day Weekend 09
Memorial Day Weekend 12

I got some raw milk, butter, and cheese.

We had a simple lunch, using the cheese and butter with a new Trader Joe’s find.

The rolls are in the frozen section, and we love them. You can thaw them or warm them in the oven for about 12 minutes.

We had mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil, the seeded rolls, a little raw butter, raw cheese, and radishes from the Farmers’ Market. So simple, yet so good… :-)

We also made a trip to the nursery and picked up some plants.

Memorial Day Weekend 13
Memorial Day Weekend 14

The toddler can’t wait to help me plant the plants…

Question: What was the highlight of your weekend?
Be well,


  1. Farmer's markets are so naturally beautiful. It's been a surprisingly vere nice spring here. It was a hot one today though, up to 90 degrees. The highlight of my weekend will be in my next post!

  2. Your farmer's market photos look like something out of a coffee table book on France or something :-)

    How great that you had such a relaxing weekend.

    I never met a seeded roll I didn't like ;-)

    Highlight: going to the hardest step class I've ever taken, then going on a hike and landing on the beach with my family. It was the perfect day.

    Thanks for all of your sweet comments over the course of the last months- I really appreciate it!

  3. There were two highlights of my weekend. First, baking an olive oil pound cake, which is cooling as I type. Second, giving the house a thorough cleaning. Oh, don't get me wrong. The actual cleaning part was not so much fun. But seeing the house gleam and glimmer now is a great sight to behold. ;)

  4. I love your farmers market photos, too! Beautiful!

    I'm intrigued by the raw milk, butter and cheese. What does "raw" mean? Do you think it tastes different than regular (I guess, pasteurized?) cheese, milk and butter?

  5. What a beautiful weekend for you and your family! Finally we got some nice weather, huh?

    My highlight was a day out shopping and lunch with my mom and 2yo :-)

  6. The toddler looks like he had a great time. Boys always go for the water guns, eh? All the market produce looks fresh and raw cheese would be really tasty!

  7. Your weekend looked wonderful! The toddler, as always, is adorable! Your farmer's market produce looks wonderful, as does lunch! We could eat tomatoes, cheese, and basil for any meal, YUM!!

    P.S. Take some of Tulsa's heat and sun...97 tomorrow, eep!!

  8. Looks like such a nice weekend! I wish we weren't hot yet here in Vegas, but I think there's no turning back from summer now :) I love all that produce and such a cute little guy, awww This weekend we came back from a little vacay in Cali and I didn't want to leave. Have a good week!

  9. Your farmer's market pictures are great - especially toddler, ever the little explorer! The highlight of my weekend was probably getting our grill/cooking with it the first time! Can't wait to grill/try some new recipes!!

  10. Anonymous5/31/2010

    What a fun weekend. My highlight was a BBQ at my mom's house for her b-day!

  11. oh all this produce looks amazing!
    skylar loved the pics of your son :)

    highlight of weekend was packing and making lots of headway!

  12. Andrea, what a lovely day to enjoy with your toddler! Glad to see him healthy and so energetic. This is what a toddler supposed to be, right! Chasing and running around. Guess, it's about time to have some plants huh! Ooops.. your trolley already full! hehe... Hope you're having a great day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  13. That garden park looks like a blast for the little ones. I love all the great things you have near where you live. Such beautiful colors. It rained here most of the winter and we had the bath tub shower mess to deal with. I think they are finishing the tub today. I hope!

  14. Great photos! It all looks like fun. I especially like the market photos!

    It's funny it's so wet at your place, we have had the driest spring on record, since they began recording in the late 1800's. Funny how just a few provinces/states away, weather can be so different.

  15. I'm so glad the weather was nice for you this weekend! It rained a bit here, but overall it was perfect ( the rain didn't ruin anything, it was quick!). No farmer's markets yet, but Nick and I have been working on our own in our backyard! We planted yesterday.

    So you drink raw milk? I dunno, that scares me a bit. Maybe you could do a post on it sometime? I don't know much about it but I know it's very controversial. Do you notice any difference from the "extra enzymes"??

  16. what a fun day outside! my highlight was camping with my husband!

  17. what a fun weekend! Looks like beautiful weather, and your market looks great!

    best parts of my weekend: celebrating 6 years of marriage and hiking yesterday morning!

  18. I've never tried raw milk, but I've heard it tastes amazing! My highlight was relaxing on the beach yesterday and eating a sweet potato biscuit!

  19. Love your farmer's market. Everything looks amazing!
    Your tomato, mozzarella, and basil looks out of this world delicious!

  20. running the 1/2 marathon - it was tough, but i made it!

    LOVELY LOVELY weekend - there is NOTHING better than time with family, farmer's markets and yummy food.

    happy tuesday andrea :)

  21. i'm glad to hear about the good weather in the bay area - i'll be coming up there in a few weeks to shoot a movie!

  22. Anonymous6/01/2010

    Such a nice weekend, fun time! We didn't do much this weekend at all, just relaxing at home.

  23. The highlight of our weekend was finally getting out backyard pool set up. (It's one of those above ground ones.) It took forever but we did it!

    Love the picture of you!

  24. loved your weekend! we did a lot of the same.

    (minus the trip for flowers)

    good for you!
    let us know what you think of the raw milk products!


  25. Love your farmers market! And the photo of you is great :)

    Does raw milk taste much different? I've never seen it here but it sounds interesting.

    Highlight of my weekend was catching up with an old friend.

  26. Yummy, the farmer's market lunch is just so fresh and healthy! How were the raw dairy products? I have never tried any...

    Cute shirt in the nursery photo! Sounds like a picturesque weekend!

    Hard to choose a highlight from my weekend...I think the spa massage was the best :)

  27. This is my first time commenting on your blog. I love it! Beautiful photos. I enjoy the farmers market, oh the food taste so good when it is fresh.

    I will have to look for those rolls at Trader Joes.

  28. Looks like an awesome weekend! That farmer's market puts the little one we have here to shame. I can't wait until I move and have more choices. Just look at the size of those yams! My favorite thing this weekend was probably just relaxing and seeing my boyfriend.

  29. Wow what a pretty day! Weathermen... hmmm hopefully they are wrong about all the rain! We've been hammered with it here in Washington a lot. No fun.