Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother’s Day Recap

Despite some rain yesterday, we briefly visited the Garden Theme Park, which included a Champagne Brunch. Unfortunately, I’m still not completely over my cold, so we kept the visit short.

The toddler got to enjoy some rides
Mother's Day 01

And hubby and I each had a glass of champagne
Mother's Day 03

Hubby’s plate from the buffet; the food was pretty tasty…
Mother's Day 04

And then there was the chocolate fountain…
Mother's Day 02

Mother's Day 06

While, hubby and I indulged in this
Mother's Day 09
Mother's Day 08

Mother's Day 10

the toddler ate grapes and more grapes… It was pretty funny…
Mother's Day 11

Mother's Day 07

As I mentioned above, I’m still battling a cold, which is bad enough that I can’t sleep at night. Hubby thinks I’m not getting better because I don’t rest enough. I think he may have a point, and I’ve decided to get plenty of rest today. We’ll see if it helps…

Questions: What did you do yesterday? What was the best thing you ate? I truly enjoyed the chocolate fountain… :-)

Be well,