Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thanks, Cuz, for Inspiring My Latest Meal for Wifey

[Guest post by hubby.]

Hi There. Hubby here. Hope each and every one of you out there is doing wonderfully!

Yesterday for lunch, I had a chance to harken back to a fond teenhood memory of a sleepover at one of my older cousins' home. He prepared breakfast for us, and I have always remembered it - a breakfast burrito consisting of eggs and cheese. In retrospect, I must have been so impressed with seeing him cook because up to that point in my life, I don't think I ever saw a male actually cook anything among the ranks of the rather large number of family relatives. Plus, that simple meal was just delicious.

So it must have been in his honor that I happened to prepare my version of a breakfast burrito for wifey and me. Instead of just eggs and cheese, I added a few extra elements. Also, we had this breakfast burrito for lunch instead of during its namesake.


Hello there colorful bell peppers, tomato, eggs, cilantro, turkey bacon, sprouted wheat tortillas, and especially you sharp Cheddar cheese... Sorry avocado, just missed your appearance.

Fried up bacon, eggs, and bell pepper; Chopped up cilantro, tomatoes, and avocado.

The Cheddar was busy shaving.

Wifey can't wait to meet you all...

My turn to meet you up close and personal.

Who was I kidding? After a few bites, I added an extra bacon and just a wee bit more cheese.

This meal is simple to prepare, but I learned a lot. I was so surprised at how quickly (at least for me) it all came together, having never really made a breakfast burrito before. I did heed wifey's advice to crack all the eggs into a bowl before frying them up in the pan. But everything else I really wanted to figure out and do on my own. And I did. I also really, really enjoyed all the aspects of making this very simple meal.

I didn't need all the peppers; just the orange one was enough. Next time, I'll definitely chop the tomatoes into smaller pieces. And aside from having to adjust the amount of bacon and cheese, everything was all good in my humble opinion.

More importantly, wifey seemed to really, really like it based on the fact that she said, "I really, really like it."

Cheers Everyone!

~Grateful Hubby


  1. Anonymous4/03/2010

    I really like it when you post! I've never had a breakfast burrito (I live in the UK and burritos are few and far between) but those look delicious. Always room for some extra cheese and bacon ;)

  2. Wow hubby looks great! You could come cook for me anytime...he he! Lucky Girl Andrea!


  3. Anonymous4/03/2010

    wooo... great meal and so simple! :) Yum~

  4. Anonymous4/03/2010

    Love the guest post from the hubby! That breakfast is right up my alley - um, but I would add fresh sliced jalapenos to mine! :D

    Happy Early Easter to you both!

  5. Nicely done!! It's good to have two people in the house who can cook.

  6. Sounds great...I love making breakfast special!

  7. Those burritos look FANTASTIC!!!

  8. Nice post!! I LOVE the idea of just putting out things and people can fill what they like. This would make a quick and easy dinner too!

  9. anything with bacon is a-ok in my book!

  10. This looks great! I love the finely shredded cheese and perfectly ripe avocado. And, I see that Trader Joe's bacon. We love that stuff. No nitrates! A safe processed meat, go figure.
    Glad the wifey liked it.

  11. Look at all those pretty colors! Now two questions:1. How do I get my husband to write a great blog post like this one? 2. How do I get him to cook for me? =)

  12. shavings = professional looking :)

  13. Anonymous4/04/2010

    Go hubby! Now this is a breakfast burrito! This looks amazing!! yum!

  14. You are too cute! Nice work on this one! Gotta live it up with the cheese.

  15. What is it with your site making me drool. Yummy, and i have everything (ok close to everything) i need to make that for lunch tomorrow!!! Ummmmm. I can taste it now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hope you had a great week.

  16. Great guest post and great recipe!

  17. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a breakfast burrito so FRESH! I love all of your ingredients, especially the finely grated cheese and the fresh cilantro. Can you teach my husband how to make this?! ;)

  18. Wow Andrea, you've hidened a chef in your house huh! Oh your Mr cook so well! Invitation coming soon???? hehe...

  19. What did you think of the brand of tortillas you used? I have a hard time finding a whole wheat tortilla that I really like. I prefer to make my own, but don't always have the time. Looks like you did a fab. job making that meal.

  20. I think the hubby deserves a huge round of applause! That looks like one mighty fine burrito, indeed. ;)

  21. ~Grateful Hubby4/08/2010

    Thanks, all, for the nice comments.

    @Shawnee: I wasn't a big fan of those tortillas when I first tried them, but they have grown on me. Now they're the only ones we basically have at home.

    @FoodGal: Special thanks! I've been a big fan of your work for quite some time. :)