Sunday, April 18, 2010

CSA-Inspired Lunch

Yesterday, I decided to make lunch centered around the contents of our CSA box.
I started by roasting some veggies.

CSA Lunch 01

I cut the veggies into bite-sized pieces, tossed them with rosemary/garlic olive oil, and roasted them for about 35 to 40 minutes at 350 degrees.

CSA Lunch 02

Once the veggies were done, I tossed them with a some cooked quinoa, and seasoned the quinoa salad with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.

CSA Lunch 04
I also made a salad with the lettuce from the CSA box. I added some sliced radishes, spring onions, and an avocado. I seasoned the salad with a simple olive oil/lemon juice vinaigrette. So simple, yet so good. This was definitely the freshest salad I have tasted in a while.

CSA Lunch 03
For the boys, I also marinated some organic chicken in olive oil, lemon juice, a little salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary. Then I just sautéed it.

CSA Lunch 05

My brother-in-law is in town right now, and we really enjoyed our simple lunch. Good company makes any meal so much better! :-)

Questions: What was the highlight of your weekend? What was the best thing that you ate this weekend? We had a great time hanging out with my brother-in-law, and the toddler loves spending time with his uncle. It’s so sad he doesn’t get to see him more often… Best thing I ate? I had some REALLY good dark chocolate… :-)

Be well,


  1. Beautiful lunch, Andrea!

    The best thing that I ate this weekend was a huge salad full of veggies from Jason's Deli- it was delicious!

    Glad the toddler is feeling better...have a great week!

  2. Anonymous4/18/2010

    veggie-loaded meals makes me happy! :)

    the best thing this weekend= first 5k and good rest! :)

  3. Oh that quinoa salad looks so fresh and delicious!

  4. Your salads look lovely. We are getting fresh strawberries from Florida right now so I had one of my favorite things for lunch...fresh strawberries with yogurt and granola. Roasted asparagus and a sandwich with great bread, a little butter, sliced fresh radishes and a sprinkle of sea salt were my favs last week.

  5. What a wonderful lunch! I want to join a CSA so badly! We're looking into it right now. :)

  6. I love your quinoa/roasted veg dish.

    Best thing I ate this weekend was pecan pie!

  7. oh the dishes sound (and look) perfectly refreshing!

    I am going to try another quinoa dish too. great way to use up your veggies!

    I made a salad base with a great veg patty and portobella mushrooms.

    the rest of the weekend we ate this and that but the salad was perfect!
    enjoy your sunday!

  8. Oh wow, I want your now!
    i miss my CSA from CA sooo much :)

    thx for the sweet comment you just left me re waiting for me til monday :) you know how it is with a LIFE and a child and a hubs...blogging just isnt as easy to fit in!

  9. Roasted veggies make anything taste good! I've been meaning to do a batch at the beginning of each week to use for the week, but have yet to really consistently do this.

    I had a huge piece of carrot cake this weekend...probably the best thing I ate!

  10. Nothing like some good roasted veggies to brighten up your day. I need to roast some veggies soon and very soon.

  11. Welcome back! This salad looks so perfect. I am very excited for farmer's markets to start opening up here in Ohio, I will try to create some great salads like this, that are simple and delicious (and healthy of course).
    The highlight of my weekend was just being on a mini vacation with Nick. Getting out, and away from the computer, is completely necessary sometimes!

  12. Had a great weekend visiting my family. Mom mom made a turkey as we weren't abele to get together for Easter, it was great!

    As always, love your CSA box.

  13. Great looking lunch. The best thing I ate this weekend was everything. We made some really yummy eats.

  14. What a lovely, fresh, green lunch! I wish every family in America would eat a lunch like that just once a week. I think we'd all be a lot healthier!

    The best thing I ate all weekend was some authentic Chinese food :) It was the first time I've had white rice in a really long time!

  15. That lunch looks so tasty and appetizing!

    My favorite food this weekend was a pasta and chicken dish I made up! Very tasty.

  16. Don't laugh, but the best part of my weekend was finally finally convincing the husband to change out our strange colored light bulbs. He had been resistant to changing them for the past year and now that we have our entire apt. looks different.

  17. This is one of our favorites - you just can't beat veggies & quinoa!!!

    Mine was probably seeing a wonderful friend get married and celebrating that with other great friends. I also enjoyed seeing my friends' baby though - so many things, really - I live for my weekends!!

  18. Anonymous4/19/2010

    The veggie quinoa salad sounds great! We went out to a Greek restaurant in DC and loved their Greek coffee and baklava.

  19. I love simple meals like this.

    I'm just catching up with all my blog reading and my head is spinning. I can't even remember what I I ate for breakfast this morning.