Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tough Workout

I had a really hard time getting through my workout this morning. Hubby and I  lifted weights yesterday afternoon, and I really pushed myself. I finished the workout with 20 intense minutes on the stair climber.

Last night the toddler woke up before midnight because of a nightmare, and I had the brilliant idea of bringing him into our bed. We have had a lot of changes lately, and I just wanted him to feel safe and not alone. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get comfortable and fidgeted around until 5:50 a.m. when he declared that it was time to turn on the lights. I think I was awake most of the night…

Today was my cardio day, and I had planned on 45 minutes on the elliptical. I haven’t done a longer cardio session all week, so I really wanted to get one in. I sleep much better when I do a good amount of cardio. But after only a few minutes, I knew that it would be tough. Often, once I push through the first 15 to 20 minutes, I find my groove and make it through the rest of my workout. Not today. After 20 minutes I knew I needed to stop. I decided to do some back extensions and Pilates moves, and then hopped on the stair climber for 15 minutes. I had planned on 25 minutes, but, again, I felt really burned out after only 15. I stretched and did some more Pilates, and then finished another 10 minutes on the elliptical.

I’m glad I got in a total of 45 minutes of cardio and that I kept the intensity high. Breaking up the 45 minutes really helped me get through the workout. And I think now I’ll try to take a short 15 to 20 minute nap to catch up on some sleep…

Questions: What are your strategies to get through a tough workout? What workouts do you have planned for this weekend?
Happy Saturday!

Be well,


  1. Sounds likes a rough night! Nice work pushing through and getting your exervicse in :)

    When I get into a tough workout I really try to give myself positive things to think about, like how great I feel after powering through the unpleasant workouts.

    Today my plans include an upper body workout with P90X and then tomorrow either yoga or some HIIT.

  2. No weekend workouts for me. I've stuck to my 4 day a week goal (my at least 4 days a week I guess) and I fit in 5 last week. I am pleased to say I have been doing 50 minutes of cardio M-F, somedays I take off Thursday. Sorry to hear the toddler was tossing and turning. I know how that can be and I don't even have a toddler.

  3. Wow I'm impressed that you stuck with it so much to get in the time!

  4. OH I was so there this whole week. I did my run Friday and it was a total push. I just found some obnoxious loud music to help. Pretty much was just pure spite that got me thru it. I am hoping tomorrow's jog will be better!

    We're having nightmares too!
    it's tough!!!!


  5. Anonymous1/30/2010

    OMG, that was my work out yesterday - just couldn't get into it, so I gave up! :(

    I really need to kick up my intensity next week - it feels like I've just been going through the motions lately!

  6. I just know that ill feel better the rest of the day knowing i did it and if it's really just going no where, i stop. And try again tomorrow :)

  7. I really try to listen to my body. I know that if I've had a bad night's sleep not to push it too hard. I always try to get something done, though...

  8. It would be extremely hard to stick with a tough workout after that much sleep. You did great. Hope you had a nice nap, you deserve it!

  9. I remember when my parents used to let me sleep with them (RARE! and now I know why...) I loved it. I hope you get some better sleep tonight, and no more nightmares for the toddler!

    I'll admit I have not challenged myself for a while, when it comes to workouts. I need to start taking classes or something because I haven't even been challenged enough to answer your question! Yeah, it's time for a change.

  10. When I have long nights, I tend to choose lighter workouts, like a light yoga session so I can enjoy myself, work my body, and still feel great. Cardio does definitely help me sleep though!

  11. No weekend workouts...I'm sick and my muscles yell at me when I stand up. Hopefully I'll be back into the routine by the middle of this week!

  12. No weekend workouts for me either - I think you did a great job! I tend to rely on mixing it up - k, just get through this song. K, i'll watch one Sex and the City episode on my phone... k, back to a few songs. Then it's over!!

  13. My workout routine has been off lately due to all my wedding planning and wedding parties... I'm planning to squeeze in yoga, cardio (I usually pick randomly from On Demand), and weights.

  14. I tell myself I can have a cookie afterward. OK, I only SOMETIMES tell myself that, as it would defeat the whole purpose of exercising, right? ;)