Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Clementine Peeler and Weekly Meals

The toddler has been obsessed with clementines for the past few weeks. At first, he was only obsessed with eating them, but lately he is also obsessed with peeling them. He can sit there forever and peel clementines. It’s one of the few times when he actually sits down…

I didn’t do a good job of taking pictures of our dinners last week, but they were all delicious. We all love wrapping things in lettuce leaves, and I think the possibilities are really endless. So I think we’ll start having “Wrapped Up Wednesdays.” We’ll just wrap things into lettuce leaves until we run out of ideas…

Tuesday: Marisa’s Taco Bean and Cheese Burgers

Wrapped Up Wednesday: Chicken in lemongrass ginger sauce with cucumbers & carrots wrapped in lettuce leaves.

Thursday: Vegetable fried rice.

Friday: Remember Salad Fridays? We’ll have some sort of a “big, interesting salad.”

Question: Do you like clementines? I like them, but I’m not that crazy about them… From reading your blogs, I know many of you love them (almost as much as the toddler)…

Be well,