Friday, January 29, 2010

I Have A Secret

As you may remember, a while back Newman’s Own Organics sent us a big box of goodies to sample. And the cookie monster, aka hubby, was very happy as I wrote about here and here. I should add that the teenager got more than his fair share as well. He opened the Fig Newmans one day and before I could get one, they were gone (I think the cookie monster got a few as well, but they were mainly consumed by the teenager who said they reminded him of his childhood…). The teenager also enjoyed the dried apricots (soooooo good) as well as some of the Newman-Os.

My point is that my family has been thoroughly enjoying the Newman’s Own Organics products. Well, most of them at least. I made sure that they wouldn’t have access to all the items in the box because I hid the chocolate from them… (But I should mention that I gave the Milk Chocolate and the Mocca Milk Chocolate to my brother-in-law when he was visiting us, and he loved them both.)

So when I have a quiet moment (which happens very rarely), I enjoy a piece of chocolate. Sometimes I add just a tiny bit of raw almond butter, but usually I just enjoy a piece in peace. It’s wonderful… My little mini vacation. It’s really about savoring the moment and making it last. One piece goes a long way… If you truly experience the one piece and are mindful, there is no need to eat half the bar or even the entire bar…

Well, since hubby is reading this blog every day and the teenager once in a while, I guess my secret is out… But I really think you guys got your fair share!

Question: What is your secret pleasure? Please share, no one will know… :)
Be well,