Thursday, November 5, 2009

Simple Pleasures

We can never have enough simple pleasures in our lives. And there is no one who reminds me of this better than the toddler. Here are some of the toddler’s recent simple pleasures:

Carrying his pillow around in the middle of the day

Simple Pleasures 01

Laying down on his pillow in the middle of the living room when he feels like it

Simple Pleasures 02

Chasing after bubbles

Simple Pleasures 03

Asking for and getting a magician’s hat after refusing to wear his pumpkin costume on Halloween

Simple Pleasures 04

Simple Pleasures 05

Life is good! What are some of your recent simple pleasures? Let's inspire each other to enjoy the simple things in life a bit more!

Be well,


P.S.: You didn’t forget to floss, did you?