Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do You Have Any Photography Tips?

As you may remember, last week I cooked three new meals that I had found on three blogs. The chili, tacos, & burritos were delicious, and I did a pretty good job following the recipes. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a bit challenged/rebellious/forgetful when it comes to following recipes. But as I said, they all turned out great, and I would highly recommend them.

Unfortunately, the time change provides me with quite a challenge when it comes to photographing food as I don't have a good light source in our dining area. I really think I have to learn a bit more about photography and invest in a lamp.... Do you have any photography tips for poor and/or artificial lighting? Also, can you recommend a camera? I think I may deserve a new one some time soon... I haven't decided on a budget yet, so if you love your camera (or even just like it), let me know.

And here are this week's meals:

Tuesday: Chickpea Stew with Dill from the Chickenless Kitchen Blog

Wednesday: Roasted veggies & warm spinach salad with poached eggs

Thursday: Vegetable fried rice

Friday: Well, we were sick last Friday, so we didn't get takeout pizza. I think we'll try again this week.

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  1. Anonymous11/10/2009

    natural light is the best, so you might want to put a small table besides the window and take pics there. In term of camera, I just got canon 500D, it's sooooo easy and it takes amazing pictures without effort! I strongly recommend it!

  2. I have a camera that is AWESOME. It's actually Nick's camera that I stole :) It's a SONY Cyber-shot. It's really small and portable. IT's 7.2 mega pixels and it is perfect for my blogging needs. I do wish I knew how to use it better though, as when we met he had lost the directions/instructions, so I just try to figure things out myself.

  3. My cheapie HP camera is not bad and like I said it is cheapie, but seeing as I am considering an upgrade, it may not be the best choice for you to upgrade.

    I have 2 suggestions for poor lighting (if not able to be fixed by turning on a light or opening a window), bring a small but well lit flash light (I sometimes use the flashlight app on my iPhone) and while this can be a pain, at leats it is light. The other is when in a pinch and you realy want to take a pic in poor lighting try a camera phone. Mine usually works well enough this way.

  4. Anonymous11/10/2009

    Daylight Savings = bloggers nightmare! I use just the lights in my kitchen and have been playing around with flash, etc. Nothing beats natural light!

  5. natural light is definitely best, but anywhere that has good overall lighting will work okay if you can change the settings on your camera to adjust for the type of lighting (i.e., flourescent, natural, etc)

  6. I have no good tips as I have also just finally let it be okay to use a flash for my pics (minus the weekends) because it's pitch black when I get home and it IS what it is.

    glad you liked the tacos! I think I want some now!

  7. I'm having the same trouble with my photos! I hate to use the flash, but dim picture's aren't any good either. Let me know if you find something that works for you!!

  8. As far as Camera's go... The Canon Powershots are great point and shoot cameras. (I have the Canon XSi, and an external flash that I use for my photos... )

    Natural light really is the best, and I luck out that I have a window that shines on my counter, and another on the table making for great shots.

  9. I use a sony camera that I like. I have problems with the lighting too so sometimes I just try and add as much lighting as I can find - candles, etc to help. Also for foodie pics, I barely ever use a flash and put it on a setting specifically for "close-up" shots. Happy camera hunting!

  10. A regular desk lamp or work lamp from like Home Depot would work. Just make sure you use a "daylight" bulb and not the florescent type. Attach a piece of white paper in front of it to make it look like diffused/soft lighting. But I agree that nothing beats natural light.

    Canon powershot is a pretty good P&S camera. It's pretty good too.

  11. I have the Nikon D60X and I love, love, love it. I also have the SB800 speedlight and I love that too because you can bounce the flash around so you don't get the weird shadows.

    I know people who swear by Canon too!

  12. Andrea,
    I'm still learning the photography thing too. I just got a new Lumix point and shoot for my birthday and I love it!

    Unfortunately, I broke the LCD screen on my adventure in Dominican Republic a few weeks ago so it is currently being repaired. Hopefully I'll have it back soon.

    Your week's meals look fabulous. Have a great week!

  13. The lighting in my place is terrible as well! I've resorted to ditching the flash and trying to get as much natural light as possible. I have a cannon powershot, which is really user friendly, but I'm definitely ready to move on, so if you're looking for something a little more professional, go for something better.

  14. Anonymous11/10/2009

    Thanks for the recipe recs, I need to try them soon! I'm not very good at taking pictures so I'll have to read your comments too :)

  15. Fried rice! I'll take it! (and the pizza too)

  16. I know what you mean by good light...I have to take many pictures and maybe one comes OK...

  17. White light bulbs help a lot when you're lighting your food. Gives a much more natural glow than the usual yellow-ish ones from like restaurant dining rooms. Also, you can correct some lighting mistakes in Photoshop.

  18. Natural light is best. This time of year makes taking photos so difficult.

  19. Anonymous11/11/2009

    I just got Canon powershot g11 which is the best point & shoot out there, it does extremely well with poor lighting (we've got it specifically with restaurant meals in mind). The last few pictures I've taken were in the evenings and they've been just about the same quality as with the natural light.