Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet Temptations

I have mentioned before that our gym is next to a cupcake store. I think the store opened about a year ago, and I can honestly say that I can count the times we have bought cupcakes on one hand.

I have realized a long time ago that working out is not a reason to eat “treats,” and that it is in fact quite counterproductive… That is not to say that it is never okay to eat sweets or other “treats.” But I think that treats should truly be reserved for special occasions, and you should plan your meals accordingly. In other words, if I know I’ll have some cake that day, I won’t splurge in the late morning by putting some pumpkin butter and chocolate chips in my oatmeal… :o)

The other day I thought that the toddler may enjoy a cupcake again, but I didn’t say anything. That day when we left the gym the toddler said “cake” and walked straight into the cupcake store. It was amazing as he had never done this before. He looked at all the cupcakes and decided on the lemon flavored one. He truly enjoyed his cupcake, and hubby and I had a few bites too. It was perfect. I was secretly worried that the toddler would now expect a cupcake every time we go to the gym. But he hasn’t asked for one since. I guess he realized that it is a special treat (I hope).

Lemon Cupcake 01

Lemon Cupcake 02

Lemon Cupcake 03

Lemon Cupcake 04

Lemon Cupcake 05

Questions: How do you “manage” all the food temptations in your life? Do you plan for treats? Share your strategies with us!

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  1. I love the pictures of your little guy. He is so cute!

    Even after losing 150 pounds I still love chocolate! I wish the love had gone with the weight but it didn't.

    I still eat chocolate and sweets, but in small quantities. If I make a batch of cookies I make half a batch. Then since there are 9 of us in the family - they are gone quickly.

    If I want a piece of candy, I buy the smallest quantity possible and then share that. No more 8 oz. Hershey bars!

    When we are out, I only eat the sweet if it is something that I really, really love.

  2. Whose brain child was that to put a CUPCAKE store next to the GYM?! The Universe is very mean sometimes -LOL!

    I'm learning to manage food temptations. It's a struggle and a whole different mindset than the way I've been "conditioned" to think. My dieting experience has taught me there are "good" foods and "bad" foods. The bad foods are the treats of course! I thought of them as evil, tempting and diet wreckers. Because of those thoughts, I would find myself to be out of control when presented with the opportunity to eat them. So, now I'm trying to change those thoughts to help me understand that I CAN have those treats. One treat does not wreck a day of eating healthy. And by removing the "bad" food label, it makes it easier to indulge but not overindulge. It's a learning process. Not always perfect (i.e. the candy corn incident this week!), but defintely showing progress!

  3. you know the funniest thing happened this year.

    I used to be an out of control sugar and candy a holic.

    I didn't was in front of me I had one or two...

    but the more and more I clean up my diet the less and less I need or want the junk.

    now a Meyer Lemony lemon cupcake might just push me over the edge (LOVE LEMON) but now, even candy...I might have a bit...but not all the time and not very much.

    and if I DO crave sugar, I have a bit. and when I crave GREEN SMOOTHIES...i have a ton!

    I try so hard to keep my body fueled with what it is asking for... I think that was key for me.

    doesn't really sound like a strategy but that's what happened with me.

    LOVE LOVE lil guy's bat shirt! such a sweetie pie!

  4. My only real temptation is chocolate and I rarely keep it in the house. That's the only thing that works. If I do happen to buy some, I put it in the fridge because I don't like cold chocolate so I forget about it in there. When I do get some, I set it on the counter to warm up some.

  5. All things in moderation. A treat every once in awhile is a good thing.

  6. OH he looks so satisfied in that last picture! He's been taken to another world.
    I can't believe your gym is next to a cupcake shop, that's harsh! I think your strategy sounds good, not putting those extra toppings on your oatmeal on days you know you will be splurging later on. I typically have a deal with myself that I don't EVER eat sweets during the day, as I know the night time is when I really crave them. Even if I have a party, I will take the cake to go. Knowing how I am, even if I ate the cake during the day I would still want something sweet at night, so I might as well wait if I can!

  7. My philosophy...never say never. I don' rule out any food. Most treats are eaten outside the house and we share.

  8. My gawd, we belong to the same gym! And it is torture for me to walk past that cupcake place nearly every day, too. Plus, in the mornings, you can smell the cakes baking. Very hard to resist. ;)

  9. Mmm...cup cakes. I don't really have a plan in terms of when I have a treat. I just usually go for it. lol.

  10. Anonymous10/08/2009

    I, fortunately do not have a sweet tooth! Your boy is adorable!

    The best is that at my WW meeting, its in a strip mall with a DQ, Mexican restaurant, Italian bakery all within a few feet of the entrance!

    And one time, a boy scout was selling Crispy Cream donuts for a fund raiser - and as the WW people were leaving the meeting he shouts "buy a dozen Crispy Cream donuts - you know you want them!"

  11. omg those are teh cutest pics of your little guy enjoying the delicousness of the cupcake!

    i believe all things are OK in moderation. If i have a cupcake, I will eat very healthy the rest of the day or cut out another sweet I may have wanted that day. Once in a while its OK to spluge, just know when to stop!

  12. I can't resist that good-looking cupcake either and the last picture of your cute boy told me how much he loves the cupcake!
    Angie's Recipes

  13. My daughter can read my mind sometimes too. I truly believe that. They tuned in to us in a way that is beyond the normal means of communication. The toddler knows when to act when he picks up the signal too!

    I have nothing to offer along the lines of managing treats because I barely can. I need help in that department!

  14. I usually just try to avoid them... or remind myself of something I would like just as much that is healthy, and go have that.

    My mom's gym is right next to a Krispy Kreme and she always talks about how the gym goers just go there afterwards (she never does) - so counterproductive.

  15. this post made me smile real big. he is adorable. i agree with you about treats.. and about not working out to eat them.

  16. such a cute post! those cupcakes look awesome! I, um, don't do very well working around them... at all. I tend to give in if it's sweets - i'll pass up "real" food though. haha

  17. your child is the cutest!!!! those cupcakes look perfect - meyer lemon mmmm!!!!

  18. Oh he's too cute! I feel the "Everything in moderation" is still a good rule - that way you can have what you want, but it stays special if it's only occasionally!

  19. Anonymous10/08/2009

    SO cute! The cupcake looks divine too! I don't get hugely tempted anymore because I knpw if I want something I can have it. That takes that "need" away. Haha I do, however, use marathon training as an excuse for rewards. Funny enough, I usually want something fairly healthy.

  20. Yes, so cute!

    I think controlling your environment is most important. I don't keep anything around that's overly tempting as to keep from over-eating any high-calorie/high-fat/sugar-dense foods. I generally limit my "splurges" to restaurants which is 2x/week, max. And even then, I try and make good choices...restaurants just always seem to pack in so much added salt, fat, and calories!

    Great post!

  21. Anonymous10/08/2009

    How cute and the lemon cupcake looks absolutely irresistible! We usually have sweet treats on special occasions but sometimes it's nice to have something sweet just because, and especially for my daughter (she's too skinny anyway).

  22. How cute. I bet that cupcake was tasty. I love little cupcake shops. They are fun to look at. I always plan for a little taste of something and when I am on vacation I usually go all out. But I have a major sweet tooth. I am happy with a salad for dinner and a few bites of cake for dessert.

  23. the pictures are adorable! i love your little boy's top too! someone is getting so prepared for Halloween!

  24. Smart kid, already knowing how to enjoy his treat in moderation! :-)
    I think treats should be just that -- treats. Not an overboard thing, but a great, sweet enjoyment once in a while. It should be an ENJOYABLE experience, but if you do it one too ain't so enjoyable anymore.

  25. What a beautiful baby!