Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kabocha Soup & Easy Weekly Meals

Here is another recipe I made for the first time last week. I finally bought a kabocha squash (for the first time) and made some soup.

I loosely followed Jenn’s recipe. I tried to cut the kabocha into pieces before putting it into the microwave, but I couldn’t cut it. So I put the whole kabocha (which was quite big) into the microwave for 5 minutes. Then I cut it into pieces, scooped out the seeds, and took off the skin.

Next I sautéed an onion and four cloves of garlic and then added the kabocha. I sautéed everything for a few minutes. Then I added 7 cups of liquid (half Organic low sodium vegetable broth and half water) and simmered everything for about 20 minutes. Finally, I used my immersion blender to puree the soup. I seasoned the soup with a little salt and pepper.

It was delicious, and I loved the color!

I didn’t make dinner on Friday as we ate at my mother-in-law’s again. It was delicious. I have recently realized that I don’t really portray all the Korean meals we eat on the blog, so I’m going to feature some of our Korean dishes soon…

This week is going to be extremely busy, so I’m planning to have some leftovers. My family isn’t too excited about leftovers, but oh well…

Tuesday: Vegetarian chili with cornbread. We'll also have a salad.

Wednesday: Salmon, brown rice, & a salad.

Thursday: Leftover vegetarian chili with cornbread. And more salad... :o)

Friday: I’m inviting myself to my mother-in-law’s again… :o)

Yes, I’m making my life a bit easier this week when it comes to cooking...

Question: What are your “food strategies” when you have a busy week?

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  1. I try to make lists, but usually when I'm busy I just end up eating the same thing. I don't mind, but Bobby gets bored with it.

    LOVE kabocha :)

  2. i rely on take out, frozen veggies, and prepared meals. and inviting myself to other's houses too ;)

  3. I have to try kambocha!

    When I'm busy I have a salad and something frozen...

  4. Wow, I'm so impressed! That soup looks great!

    When we're having a busy week we plan lots of quick and EASY meals- pasta and red sauce (from a jar), etc. Plus we each take days for cooking them which is such a relief on long nights!

  5. Ahh, kabocha! MY NEW LOVE! I accidentally deleted my kabocha pics but I roasted it this weekend and fell in love. I had to use a mallet to cut it - I felt like I was opening a coconut. Your soup looks amazing.

  6. I've never tried kabocha, but I assume I'd like it because I love squash. That soup looked relatively easy to make, I think I might try it! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. That soup looks really yummy! I've never tried kabocha (never heard of it before now!) but I do LOVE squash, so I think I'd like that.

    I have really bad habits when I have a busy or stressful week. It's unfortunate, and I need to change that.

  8. That's how I cut up my kabocha, too -- the ol' microwave trick. Sure beats nearly hacking your hand off with a cleaver trying to get one of those things cut open. ;)

  9. Anonymous10/20/2009

    I'd love to see all your Korean meals. I have a particular interest in that cuisine =)

    Kabocha soup sounds amazing! We have kabocha "jook" or porridge, which is sort of a sweet soup.

    I tend to eat easy meals such as omelette's and salads...or mooch off of my mom's cooking, hehe!

  10. Nicely done. Doesn't it taste great? I love this soup very much.

  11. Anonymous10/20/2009

    oh... kabocha soup! that would be my favorite soup ever!
    when I get busy, I try to spend one day washing/cutting all the produces and then make one big pot kind of meals with veggies/grains/beans.

  12. NERD ALERT :)
    I preplan so much that all my weeks---busy or not---are about the same.
    I didnt used to and that resulted in a whole lotta poor choices and lots of foods which only succeeded in making me feel MORE TIRED.

  13. i just had my first kabocha this week, too! So good.

    for busy weeks, I still plan meals but I try to plan ones that make a lot of leftovers and/or are quick and easy to make.

  14. When I have the time I do extra cooking so that my freezer is well stocked for those busy nights.

    I've seen a lot of kabocha soups around. I must try one myself!

  15. Anonymous10/21/2009

    Good trick to put the kabocha squash in a microwave before cutting it up! The soup looks excellent!

  16. Isn't cutting raw squash a pain?? I often have to heat mine in the oven before I can get into it.

    Nice job. I agree it has a beautiful color- especially with your pink background :)

  17. I'd never tried kobacha until a few weeks ago. I couldn't cut it either - so I poked it full of holes with my knife and put it on a baking sheet in the oven to roast until it was soft. LOL This soup sounds so wonderful. Yum!

  18. great soup! perfect for the upcoming rainy weekend we're going to have here in NYC

  19. A simple but delicious soup! When I'm busy I make quick dishes or I prepare them the day before.

  20. Anonymous10/23/2009

    Looks yummy! And leftovers are the best thing ever - it's like reliving the delicious food experience over again!

  21. Andrea, that is such a tasty bowl of soup! Lovely.