Friday, October 30, 2009

Do You Love Your Workouts?

I have written this before, but I'm really fascinated by how effortlessly the toddler gets tons of exercise into his day. In fact, there is seldom a minute he sits still. He never thinks of it as exercise but as having fun. Here are some recent examples:

Climbing (there isn’t another photo of him actually climbing up as I got a bit nervous and came to his “rescue;” yes, maybe I am a bit overprotective…)

Exercise 01

Hanging and swinging – by far his favorite activity

Exercise 02

Exercise 05

Exercise 06

Exercise 07

Dancing – here he is jumping around because he was so excited about getting some rubber balls out of a ball machine. And then he we spent hours chasing after them…

Exercise 03

Observing the toddler made me think that there is really no reason for us not to enjoy our workouts just as much as the toddler enjoys his “workouts.”

I think the first step is to find activities we truly enjoy. There are so many forms of exercise: running, swimming, cycling, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, hiking, rowing, weightlifting, rock climbing… The list is endless. So why do we so often get “stuck” doing something we don’t truly enjoy? I think it’s about time that we all enjoy our workouts. I for one will go hiking this weekend, no matter what!

Questions: Do you enjoy your workouts? If not, what can you do to make them more fun and less "work"? Do you have any exciting Halloween plans?

Have a fun, active weekend!

Be well,



  1. AWw, again, he is so adorable. I think children have it so perfect. They workout on a daily basis, without even thinking about it and everything they do they love. Also, they eat when they are hungry and don't eat when they aren't. Why can't we all be like that?!

    I have become bored of my routine lately and have decided to add a couple things; rump rope and 10 minute pilates on demand. I added these a couple weeks ago and I have two new addictions!

    awwww... love LOVE watching kids play


    I used to say I have a toddler (with the Teen) that HE's my GYM CARD. and it was true. the more i played with him, the less I needed to exercise (formally)

    and the same is true today.

    I have to work out at night (the hard stuff) and it's SO hard...kissing JJ to bed and then hitting the treadmill..I am ready to chill.

    it's after 8 and instead of finally relaxing I have to go jog.

    well, it was killing me and I decided to make it work. I HAVE TO.

    I shortened my jog time to 20 minutes and run faster. instead of going outside to play (it's dark now) we go up to the play room and romp around ( and I romp too) and that is when I stretch and do my yoga (some more) and pilates and push ups and chase JJ.

    later I jog.

    I love it and it is still hard but it's finally getting easier.

    my real goal lately is consistency.

    nice topic! THANKS

  3. Most of the time I enjoy my workout. I love running and see it as an outlet. I also love doing intervals on the treadmill. They make me feel strong!
    Oh how I would love my workouts to be effortless just like a child's though!

  4. That's so cute. Reminds me of my godson, who just begun to walk.

    I love my workouts. Of course, there are times when i feel sluggish about doing them, but otherwise. i enjoy it. I always have my ipod with me with a new rotation of music, so it keeps it fresh.

  5. I wish I could feel as carefree as a child in the park. How amazing would that be?

  6. Such a little cutie!!

    I do enjoy my workouts - I enjoy them even more when they're done, hehe!

    Have a great Friday :)

  7. ahhh to be a child again! love these pics..i always love seeing kids being so care free

    LOVE my workouts, I am a trainer so I better have a love and passion for exercise LOL

  8. I still love jungle gyms!

    My Halloween plans consist of walking around my dorm to make sure people aren't getting in trouble...aka Duty.

  9. I do enjoy my workouts. I look forward to walking/running/weights every time I do them. It's such a 180 degree from how I felt at 305 pounds!

  10. He is so adorable!!! I love enjoying nice weather with my exercise... walking in the park, biking around the neighborhood, etc. Good music also helps.

    I plan on going trick or treating with my nephews :)

  11. Anonymous10/30/2009

    Teehee, he definitely likes to swing!

    I enjoy most of my workouts. Cardio is a stress reliever, but sometimes I'm a bit tired so it feels like work. However, once I'm going, i usually enjoy it :) Yoga is hard to get into but makes me feel sooo good. All the aches and pains go away!

    I will be studying for my midterms on Halloween >.<

  12. My typical workouts are running, which are fun when I do with my husband - but I much prefer the more rare workout of going for a good hike or dancing!

  13. i definitely HAVE enjoyed my workouts in the past....not that i hate them, i just wouldn't say i'm very elated anymore.

  14. I never used to exercise, but now that I think of it, I did tons, it just was disguised as "play"....for example, jump rope, and freeze tag, and hopscotch!

  15. Anonymous10/31/2009

    The gym is my "getaway" and relax place so I do enjoy my workouts with nothing but me and some music.

  16. I have been struggling to find time to get back in the gym, but I am proud to say both Thursday and Friday I did squeeze in some time. And boy was I happy. Since my workouts are spread out I do like them and they are not boring yet, but the more I work out the harder it is to keep it fresh.

    For Halloween we are heading over to my husband's squadron for some activities. Last night we went to the haunted house they made on base.

  17. This is an interesting question. I don't really enjoy exercising when I'm doing it but the pay off is feeling great afterwards. I should find something to do once a week or so that is strictly for fun, exercise being the bonus.

  18. I love how much kids exercise! I'm jealous of it actually. Very jealous. LOL!

    I recently started running, and I really enjoy it. Since I'm a "single parent" for 4 weeks at a time while my husband travels, I put my daughter in the stroller and off we run. It's great because even though I'm still watchign her, it's time for just Me!!!

  19. My boys are the same! They can never sit still, lol! I think you nailed this one Andrea! Finding a fitness routine that one can enjoy! I love to bike! I've been having a pretty difficult time getting into a fitness routine which I know my body is screaming for me to do! I'm such an active person but now that the winter is upon us, I know I'm going to have to hit the gym or battle the outdoors. I've been wanting to start swimming, so maybe I'll do that! I just CAN'T STAND running in place, lol!

  20. lately, i have been trying to focus on ACTIVITY as opposed to EXERCISE. kids are moving all day, and that is exactly what we should be doing!