Sunday, June 21, 2009

Celebrating Father's Day with a Healthy Breakfast

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there and especially to the three greatest dads in the world (sorry, I'm a bit subjective here... :o)): my hubby, my dad, and my father-in-law.

We started the day with a healthy breakfast at home. While enjoying breakfast, we realized that we had no desire anymore for the restaurant breakfasts we used to eat to celebrate (greasy eggs, toast with lots of butter, waffles with butter & syrup, pancakes, huge breakfast burritos, steak & eggs, hash browns....). Here is what we had instead:

An egg sandwich with avocado, cucumbers, radishes & cheese, a mimosa, & coffee

The sandwich was so flavorful...

And we really enjoyed the mimosas.... :o)

Questions: Have you changed the way you eat? Are there any foods you used to enjoy, but now they don't taste so good anymore? How have your taste buds changed? Enjoy your day!

Be well,


  1. Anonymous6/21/2009

    The breakfast looks great!

    I used to eat fast food all the time, but now I prefer fresh veggies. Have a great day!

  2. that looks like a great breakfast!!
    I love the bloggers come up with healthy fast food alternatives - its great!
    happy fathers day :D

  3. Anonymous6/21/2009

    I couldn't agree more. I so much enjoy breakfast at home now than I do breakfast at a restaurant! I can make it better, healthier, and cheaper too! Looks like a great way to start your day. :)

  4. Anonymous6/21/2009

    AWESOMe healthy breakfast! I love the combo of the textures and flavors in there, not to mention the variety of fresh colors!
    I used to LOVE deep=fried foods. Now just the sight of it kind of disgusts me. I also used to love chocolate. Not so anymore.

  5. Anonymous6/21/2009

    Man, the sandwiches and mimosas look amazing! Hope they all had a great Father's Day.

  6. Anonymous6/22/2009

    Hey there, breakfast looks great! I'm going to have to try a mimosa...never had one.

    For me, I crave an and all fruits and vegetables. After a month or so of changing my habits, I'm finding that it's very easy for me to choose the healthier options over what I used to choose. Like Father's Day for example. I bought a large, different flavored, cheesecake. Before, I could have eaten two easily. Instead of the cheesecake, I chose a big bowl of berries with angel food cake and Reddi-Whip. While everyone else had scarfed down their cheesecake and banana pudding, I was still eating my dessert. It was much more filling and satisfying. It makes me happy to know that it's easy (though not all the time) to make those decisions.

  7. ohhh egg sandwich with avocado looks delish - i just might have try that soon! i have two ripe avocados that need to be eaten!

  8. OMG that breakfast sandwich looks so great! I love egg sandwiches and for soem reason I always forget about them!

    I have definitely changed my feelings towards greasy fast food and heavy food in general. I still go out to eat alot and dont always make the best choices, but my choices are far different from what they used to be. A huge meal out (especially fast food) just weighs so heavily on my stomach I hate the feeling and it just doesnt taste as good anymore.