Menopause Resources

Following is a list of peri-menopause and menopause articles and websites:

Websites and Blogs:
Menopause Chicks
Menopause Goddess Blog
The North American Menopause Society website
The Perimenopause Blog
Hormone Health Network

Menopause - The Truth And the Surprising Ending - by Caryn Franklin - personal experiences and helpful tips - an overall uplifting message!
Perimenopause Q&A on Goop
Controlling Weight after Menopause by Dr. Barbara Berkeley
Menopause and Caffeine by Dr. Andrew Weil
Valerian for Menopause Sleeplessness by Dr. Andrew Weil
PFCs and Early Menopause by Dr. Andrew Weil
Older menopause articles by Dr. Andrew Weil
Tackling Menopause's Side Effects, The New York Times Well Blog
A Guide to Healthy Aging for Women, Infographic from the University of Florida

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