Sunday, August 13, 2017

Where to Find Outfit Inspirations

I haven't felt all that inspired when it comes to getting dressed lately.

For one, everywhere I look, I see fall clothes - in stores, on blogs, in magazines. Yet, we are in the middle of summer, and it's going to stay hot around here - at least in the middle of the day - until the end of October. Another reason is that I have bought very few clothes this summer and somehow my options seem limited. But in reality, I have plenty in my closet, so I really just have to take a closer look at what I own and wear it!

To help me, I decided to look at the outfits I posted in August 2016. It turns out that all four outfits I posted last year included a recent purchase! I also realized that I haven't worn most of them in quite some time...

I bought this black and white tunic in Germany last summer, and I really like it. It's time to wear it again! 

Black and White Tunic

The graphic tee is another purchase I made in Germany last year... I don't really ever buy "real souvenirs," instead I buy clothes...

The third item I bought in Germany is this kimono/poncho. It's a great third summer layer, and I have worn it recently. But there is no reason why I shouldn't wear it several more times this summer!

Finally, the last outfit post from last August included a new Tommy Bahama maxi dress that I picked up at the Tommy Bahama outlet store on our way back from Tahoe. It was a "real steal" as it was marked down from $168 to $39. However, if I don't wear it, it's not that much of a "steal," is it?

Questions: How/where do you find inspirations for what to wear? Do you find it hard to get dressed at the end of summer when you see fall clothes all around you, yet it's still very warm? What's your favorite outfit right now? What are you looking forward to wearing in fall?