Sunday, July 9, 2017

Palm Leaf Dress in Avila Beach

We were lucky enough to escape to Avila Beach on the California Central Coast for a few days. It's less than a three-hour drive from San Jose, but when I'm there I'm always instantaneously in vacation mode. Seeing the ocean is just so relaxing.

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A few weeks ago, I saw this Palm Leaf Dress on the Old Navy website and knew that it would be perfect for our trip. I don't usually buy "vacation clothes," and I'll certainly wear the dress a lot at home, but palm leaves just scream vacation and relaxation to me... Maybe I should wear the dress at home when I'm particularly stressed, and it'll calm me down??? It's worth a try I think...

I ordered the dress in tall, and I'm glad I did as it's a great length for vacation and leisure time; the regular would have definitely been a bit too short... The dress is on sale right now for about $15. It also comes in black, grey, black/white stripes, and red/white stripes. I actually also own the black/white striped one and just ordered the black one. I'm really impressed by the weight of the tee material as it's thick enough not to show every lump and bump - perfect for a dress. 

When it got a bit cooler, I paired the dress with a blue/white polka dot cardigan. I love the little bit of pattern mixing.

We had lunch at Ocean Grill, which is always a treat. The food is excellent and the views of the ocean can't be beat. I got the Thai Shrimp Lettuce Cups, which are light and fresh tasting. The shrimp have great seasoning, and the onions and carrots are lightly pickled. Such a flavorful dish!

We also stopped by our favorite winery in town - Alapay Cellars. The wines never disappoint, and it's fun to do a bit of wine tasting. 

But in the end, there is nothing better than relaxing with a beautiful ocean view. And we did plenty of just that...

Questions: Is there a certain print/clothing item that says vacation and relaxation to you?

Be well,