Thursday, November 10, 2016

Long Cardigans

For the past five years, Adrienne from The Rich Life in Wine Country and Jill from Everything Just So have been posting a monthly series called “How I Wear My.” Apparently, it started when they both bought the same long cardigan and decided to post about it on the same day. And then they invited others to join in the fun. So every month they feature dozens of women across their blogs and show how they wear a certain item. This month’s theme is “long cardigan.”

Here are the two photos I submitted. Both feature my grey, long cardigan that I’ve owned for about seven years. I have worn it a lot over the years - with leggings, with skinny jeans, with white wide legged pants, even over a dress. I also have other long cardigans that I enjoy wearing, but somehow I don’t blog about them a lot because I often don’t deem the outfits “blog worthy,” which is maybe a bit silly since I enjoy wearing them, and they feel very “me."

Grey long cardigan 2 andreaswellnessnotes

Grey Long Cardigan 1 Andreaswellnessnotes

And here is my long(ish) black cardigan with a tunic and leggings.

Black White Tunic 6

And here is another photo of me wearing the grey cardigan with skinny jeans, a grey tee and one of my favorite necklaces.  


A long cardigan is definitely part of my signature look.

Here are some great long cardigans that I like a lot.* The Eileen Fisher ones are a bit pricey, but I think they are true investment pieces that I could see myself owning for many, many years.

Questions: Do you like long cardigans? If so, make sure to head over to  The Rich Life in Wine Country and Everything Just So to see many fabulous women and how they wear their long cardigans.

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