Sunday, February 21, 2016

White Skinny Jeans

It was unseasonably warm here last week (80+ degrees), and I enjoyed bringing out some spring/summer clothes. To me, white jeans say spring/summer more than most other clothes (not that you can’t wear white pants year round; there are fabulous examples everywhere).

White Skinny Jeans 3 
I especially love pairing white jeans with striped tops. This time, I decided to pair the jeans with a thin, blue/white vertically striped blouse. I bought the blouse last year on super clearance at Banana Republic right before my summer Germany trip. It ended being the piece of clothing I wore by far the most. It’s comfortable, doesn’t wrinkle, and is easy to wash (in a sink if need be) and dry. I was traveling back and forth between my hometown and the rehab center where my dad was staying. Since I took public transportation, I tried to take as little as possible, and I pretty much lived in the blouse… 

White Skinny Jeans 1
I always like wearing a turquoise necklace with blue and white.

Turqouise Necklace

I also carried my new(wish) light pink Rebecca Minkoff Medium MAB bag; I’m still in love with it.

Pink Rebecca Minkoff MAB Bag 2

I enjoyed wearing my brown sandals, too. They have a higher heel than I normally wear (you can’t really see it in the photo as it disappears in the grass), but they are comfortable. Nevertheless, we ended up going on a 4-mile walk on the day I wore them (at the end on a non-paved trail), and I wished at that point I had worn different shoes... 


Outfit Details
Jeans: Yummie Skinny Jeans (since I liked the blue Yummie super skinny jeans so much, I decided to order the white skinny jeans as well when they were on sale)
Blouse: Banana Republic old (I like this, this, and this)
Shoes: Born old (I really like these but these look comfortable)
Necklace: old (I like this, this, and this)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff MAB in rose (same bag in white, brown, and black)

Questions: What are you looking forward to wearing most in spring? What colors are you looking to add to your wardrobe/or wear again? 

Be well,

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