Monday, December 7, 2015

Tunics & Leggings

My clothing purchase plan for 2016 is to only buy clothing items I truly need and love. I want to focus on quality over quantity and buy the best quality that I can afford. I decided to focus on “wardrobe basics” I’m missing or that are getting a bit too old and worn out. There are many wardrobe basics lists, and I think many of them are a good start, but I’ll customize my list to fit my lifestyle. I look forward to working on the list over the next few weeks.

Two Items that are very “me" and I wear every week are tunics and leggings, and I intend to add a few fun pieces to my wardrobe. I have two good, black leggings as well as black faux leather leggings, so the leggings I’ll add in 2016 will definitely not be black. I’ll pull out all my tunics and see what color will go with most of them and then plan on picking a fun, bold (for me) color (or maybe even a pattern?). My goal is to add a fun and interesting pair that goes with a lot that is in my closet so that I get a lot of wear out of them. We’ll see how it goes.

I also would love to add a few fun tunics. I love tunics but often play it pretty safe. I think I’m ready for some bolder prints.

I’ve had the tunic in this outfit for about six years. I really like the print. I bought the tunic in a small boutique on sale, but it was still quite expensive. However, I consider it a good investment since I have worn it often, and it has held up well. I’ll be looking for a few more fun, unique pieces.  

Tunic Leggings4
Tunic Leggings2
Tunic Leggings3

Questions: What is your shopping strategy for 2016? What are your go-to outfits? What wardrobe basics do you need to add or replace? 

Be well,