Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Necklace Love

If you read my What I Wore Wednesday posts and/or follow me on Instagram, you’ll have probably noticed that I love necklaces and scarves. I have collected necklaces and scarves for many years and some of my favorites are 15+ years old (and quite a few are hand-me downs from friends and my sister). I enjoy adding new necklaces and scarves to my collection as changing the necklace or scarf you pair with an outfit can change the whole look.

The other day, World Vision contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing some of their products. World Vision is a charity organization that has a gift catalog with a wide range of products and price points, and the proceeds earned from the sale of the products helps improve the quality of life of children and families around the world.

When looking through the catalog, I noticed several necklaces and knew that I was going to pick two necklaces.

The first necklace is a Balinese multi-strand necklace. Since it is finally cold around here, I paired the necklace with a winter white cowl neck sweater. In warmer months, I can see it paired with a peasant blouse, flares, and funky shoes.

Balinese Necklace 1

Balinese Necklace 2
Balinese Necklace 3
Balinese Necklace 4

The second necklace is a multi-colored necklace, and it is unique in that it is open on the bottom. I really like the stones and that they are bound together with a thin leather band. I decided to wrap it around my neck and let the ends hang loose. I like the unique look. 

Mulitcolored Necklace 1

Mulitcolored Necklace 2

Mulitcolored Necklace 3

Both necklaces are very nice pieces that I know I will enjoy pairing with different outfits in years to come. You can find out more about World Vision’s mission on their website, their Facebook page, and by following them on Twitter.

Question: Which necklace do you like better? Do you like changing up the look of an outfit with necklaces or scarves? 

Be well,

[Disclosure: I was provided both necklaces free of charge. As always, all opinions are my own.]