Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday (October 7)

Following are a few of the outfits I wore in the last week and some thoughts on them.

Last Wednesday, I wore a pencil skirt that has some movement and extra fabric on the bottom. I love that it moves when I move. I also love the length of the skirt; it hits me right at the knee, which I think is perfect. I paired it with a lightweight tee/cardigan combo in purple/maroon. I have a fun purple necklace that goes with the tee/cardigan.
On Thursday, I wore a black/white dress with a turquoise necklace. I love that necklace and have worn it with many different outfits and colors. I like the contrast of the turquoise with the black/white.  

On Friday, I took the kid to piano practice (I usually can’t go, but we changed the time this week as the kid had an independent study day, and I loved watching him), ran errands, did a few hours of correcting and lesson planning, and went on a few walks. I therefore dressed very comfortably: jeans, black tank, a lightweight black cardigan, and comfortable shoes. To make the outfit a bit more interesting, I added a handmade glass necklace.   

 I needed a little pick me up on Monday, and my Desigual dress always does the trick.
Yesterday, I wore a faux wrap dress I got at Gap five years ago when we visited Disneyland with the kid. I can still picture the mall where I bought it. I love it when memories are attached to clothes! I haven’t worn it very often, but I really like it and it’s super comfortable. Plus it has specks of red, blue and green, so I look forward to playing with different accessories.
When I look at my outfits from the last few weeks, I am happy that I wore quite a few of my jewelry pieces. I know I wear more of my jewelry (many pieces I’ve had for 15+ years) because I hung up most of my necklaces on a wall where I can see them. In the past, I more often than not wore a simple silver necklace day in and day out because it was too difficult to find an appropriate necklace. Yet, I had so many pieces to choose from; they just weren’t accessible…

Questions: What’s your favorite way to accessorize? I love rediscovering my necklaces, and I look forward to wearing my scarves when it cools down a bit more.

Be well,