Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

I share my outfits several times per week on Instagram. It’s a way for me to stop and think if I put enough effort into what I wear. I don’t buy a lot of new pieces each season but try to rediscover clothes already in my closet, and most of what I wear is several (and most more) years old. It can be challenging (and I do sometimes wish I could just go out and buy whatever I like at the moment), but making things I already have work is also fun and a way for me to be creative.

I do try to “dress for the occasion” when possible, and I tried to create a 70s-inspired look when we went to a Beatles tribute concert. I wore bootcut jeans, a white peasant top, a fun scarf with hearts, and a fun fabric bag with flowers on a red background.
And once in a while, I truly “find” things in my closet I had totally forgotten about.

One example are these flowery pants. I had completely forgotten about them, but when I found them on the bottom of my casual pants dresser drawer when I was cleaning it out, I was intrigued. The print is not something I normally go for (and I don’t even remember buying them; I think I got them about five years ago in Germany), but I decided to give them a shot. I paired the pants with a basic white tee and a plain blue cardigan as I thought there was enough going on with the pants. I wore comfortable brown sandals during the day but then spiced things up a bit with some higher heel red sandals when we went out at night. 
Flower Pants
Flower pants 2 ways

Red Shoes
The fall quarter started on Monday. For teaching, I try to look professional, but I also like to be comfortable as I move around a lot during class. The high was forecast to be almost 100 degrees, so I chose a classic blue, sleeveless dress with white and lime green stripes. I have a lime green jacket to go with the dress, but it was going to be so hot that I left it at home. The dress is super comfortable, and I like that I feel covered even though it’s sleeveless.
Sleeveless dress
Tuesday was another hot day, so I chose a blue/white pencil skirt and a comfortable, short sleeve white blouse. My only little pop of color was a red necklace.  
Pencil skirt  red necklace

Questions: What’s your favorite piece of clothing right now? Since it’s still so warm, I’m wearing as many of my lightweight work dresses as possible, but I’m really looking forward to fall clothes and scarves!

Be well,