Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Free Yoga Classes

I took my first yoga class about 15 years ago. At the time, I went every Saturday at the gym I belonged to as I felt it was “good for me” and something I “should do.” However, I didn’t love it. When I wasn’t able to go to the class anymore, I didn’t really miss it. A few years later, I bought some yoga DVDs and practiced once in a while to “mix up my workouts.” I also took classes here and there at studios in the area when there were specials or Groupons, but I never really found a studio that felt “right.” That changed in April when a friend introduced me to a wonderful studio.

Yoga 2Yoga 1

I got a 14 day pass for $20 and then purchased a six-month membership when they had a great sale. Every class I have gone to was good and most were amazing. Yoga has become a big part of my life. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get another membership once my current one ends, but I plan on still taking some classes there. I think getting feedback and adjustments is critical when you learn new poses or advance in your practice, so I definitely want to go to some classes at the studio. But it won’t be as often as I ideally would like to go.

While I know enough to put together my own practice, I enjoy being led through poses. Fortunately, there are some free (or cheap) yoga classes. Here is what I found:

Lululemon: Lululemon stores typically offer at least one free yoga class per week. Classes are usually led by local yoga teachers from various studios in the area. I have taken several classes at my local Lululemon store, and I liked most of them a lot. To find a class near you, go to the website and find your local store. From there, check the calendar for their current schedule. Sometimes Lululemon stores also partner up with local studios and offer free classes at studios. You usually have to pick up a pass at the Lululemon store to attend the class for free.

Athleta: Athleta stores also offer yoga classes in their stores. Again, go to the website, find your local store and check out the calendar. I have never taken a class at an Athleta store, but the classes are also led by local yoga teachers and sound good, and I plan to check one out soon.

YogaGlo video classes via the Athleta website: There are currently three free classes.

Yogadownload.com: Yogadownload offers a number of free classes. There are some video classes as well as audio classes with downloadable pose guides. A paid membership offers you a large number of classes, ranging widely in style, difficulty level, and duration. I previously purchased a Living Social deal for a three-month membership with 15 free downloads and unlimited videos to stream, and I really enjoyed it. It’s an affordable way to do yoga at home.

Hulu.com: Hulu offers numerous yoga videos, including several beginners videos. Hulu Plus has an even larger variety.

I also looked into apps for my Kindle and phone, but, unfortunately, the yoga apps for Android phones that I found weren’t that great.

Questions: Do you like yoga? Do you practice at a studio or at home? Any tips for free or cheap yoga classes/apps/etc.? Did you have a nice weekend? What was the highlight?

Be well,