Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Fun and Thoughts on Motivation

We had a fun weekend with a birthday party, a trip to Gilroy Gardens, and lots of soccer.

Gilroy Gardens 04
Gilroy Gardens 03
Gilroy Gardens 02
Gilroy Gardens 01

I have written about how much I like my Fitbit before. I really believe it has made a huge difference in the amount of steps I walk each day. I guess I am competitive and there is just something about seeing how many steps I have (or have not) taken.

Fitbit automatically sets the goal to 10,000 steps a day (which you can adjust). 10,000 steps is what we should try to walk every day for general health. For me, walking 10,000 steps takes a conscious effort. In addition to one longer walk or hike per day, I have created quite a few new habits to reach my goal most days:
  • Make multiple trips to the mailroom at work (and take the looooong way there and back)
  • Take several short (15 - 20 minute) walking breaks throughout day – even though this takes time, I have found I am much more productive if I walk throughout the day
  • Convince the kid to play soccer every night before dinner (we walk to the field, run around, and then walk home)
  • Take advantage of “walking opportunities” – such as around the playground
While I usually wear the Fitbit daily, there have been times I have forgotten (and usually didn’t realize it). The other day I put my Fitbit on to go to yoga, came home, took a shower, and forgot to put it back on. Once we had left the house to go to a birthday party, I realized I didn’t wear it. The party was outdoors and we walked around a small lake to get there. But once we were there, I didn’t walk much. I tried to convince the kid to walk around with me, but he didn’t want to, and I didn’t try very hard.

When the party was over, hubby said to me, “Wow, what a difference when you don’t wear the Fitbit!” His statement made me think. I was actually very sore from yoga that day and a little rest felt good. However, I know he was right that I would have walked more had I worn the Fitbit as I don’t like looking at a very low number.

I’d like to think that my main motivation for walking is health and that it makes me feel good. But I think I am also motivated by seeing the numbers… In fact, I know I have increased my weekly steps by quite a bit since I got the Fitbit.

Questions: What was the highlight of your weekend? Do you have any “tricks” to motivate you to move more/exercise?
Be well,