Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Fun & Weekly Meals

We made sure we had plenty of fun this weekend.


I also did prep work for the week in an attempt to feel less stressed. In fact, I precooked most of our weekly meals, boiled eggs, and washed and prepped lots of veggies and fruits. It’s still quite warm around here, but I’m really in the mood for soup, so there is plenty of soup on the menu this week. I made big pots of both soups, so there is also plenty for lunches.

Meal 1: Roasted butternut squash soup.
Meal 2: Leek and potato soup.
Meal 3: Chicken salad on top of a salad.
Meal 4: BLTs.I bought nitrate/nitrite free bacon at the Farmers’ Market. The “good” tomato plant is also still producing plenty of tomatoes. We hardly ever eat bacon, so we are really looking forward to this meal! Smile
Meal 5: Spaghetti squash bake.

Overall, I am happy with my workouts the past week. I did a few short, intense workouts (HIIT intervals consisting of lots of squats, kicks, etc.). I got in a great, sweaty, 20-minute workout right at home and was really sore the next several days! Unfortunately, my right foot bothered me again later in the week, and I had to cut an elliptical workout short. Maybe the HIIT workouts put a bit too much pressure on the foot. I’ll experiment. I also went for walks, took a barre class, lifted weights, and was able to do a longer elliptical workout (a few days after I had to cut one short). All in all I am very happy with my workouts this week.

Questions: What’s on your menu this week? Are you enjoying fall? What’s your favorite part of this season?

Be well,