Monday, February 27, 2012

Gardening, Weekly Meals & Workouts

I did some container planting over the weekend, and it really put me in a good mood. My mom’s favorite flowers are pansies, and I plant some every year.

I also planted some herbs:

I can’t wait for everything to (hopefully) grow and thrive. Of course, there are never any guarantees, and I have had my fair share of disappointments when it comes to growing herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Keeping my fingers crossed…

On to this week’s meals. I am trying to really watch our grocery budget, and I’ll be using quite a few things from the freezer and pantry this week. It’s not the most exciting menu, but I was able to spend a lot less at the grocery store…

Meal 1: Roasted veggies & baked chicken (using some organic chicken that I froze a while ago when it was on sale).
Meal 2: Bok choy/tofu stir fry & brown rice.
Meal 3: Pizza – shortcut with TJ’s whole wheat pizza dough. Toppings: sautéed onions & mushrooms and a little cheese. We’ll also have a salad.
Meal 4: Potstickers – I froze a bunch when I made them last time. I’ll cook them in some vegetable broth with veggies.
Meal 5: Big salad with “refrigerator finds.”

And now on to this week’s workouts.
  • 2 barre classes
  • 1 long(er) cardio session
  • 1 HIIT session
  • 2 weight workouts – I’ve been working on mixing things up, but I’ll be looking at a more formal plan sometime soon.
Questions: How do you keep your grocery budget “under control?” What budget-friendly meals are on your menu this week? What’s your favorite flower? 

Be well,