Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Salad Week

The weather is finally nice around here (almost a bit too nice!), so salads are my natural food of choice. The other day, on my Lunch Salad post, I asked you what your favorite salad was. I got some great comments and used them as inspiration for this week’s menu.

But first up is a salad that I grew myself. There is honestly nothing better than planting, caring for, and then eating your own veggies. It also makes me appreciate my organic CSA more as I had to share quite a bit of my salad with various little critters… Here is what I was left with: 

  • Arugula
  • Red leaf lettuce
  • Tomatoes
And here are the salads for the rest of the week. Thanks everyone for your comments! I will supplement the salads with different sources of protein (Buffalo chicken, egg whites, chickpeas, and salmon).

Salad 1: Kathy’s favorite summer salad: “My favorite summer salad uses fresh tomatoes as the base for the dressing. I dice a couple and put them in the bottom of a big salad bowl before sprinkling them generously with garlic powder and salt and pepper. I let these marinate for at least a half hour and a couple of hours if I have time. Just before serving, I add some pepper strips, cucumber, and thinly sliced sweet onion separated into rings along with some crisp Romaine lettuce. I then pour a little olive oil and red wine vinegar over the top and toss. The tomatoes gather a little pool of garlicy tomato juice in the bottom which mixes with the vinegar and oil to form the tastiest dressing ever! Just a teaspoon of oil is plenty and balsamic vinegar can be subbed for the red wine variety for a little sweeter version.” I discovered Kathy’s blog when I first started blogging more than two years ago, and I love all her recipes. We have often said that we’d love to share a meal. Too bad we don’t live closer!

Salad 2: Lauren: “I love avocado, with jarred tuna and lemon and oil dressing over greens.” That’s one of my recent favorites as well. I love smashing the avocado in with the tuna.

Salad 3: Roz: “Right now, my favorite is beet and orange salad with fresh mint and goat cheese.” Sounds delicious. I’ll experiment!

Salad 4: Marisa: “My favorite lunch for a while was Buffalo Chicken Salad- I was pretty hooked on it for a couple weeks!” Sounds delicious!  

Questions: What’s your favorite food at the moment? Any more salad ideas to share? Have you ever grown your own vegetables and/or herbs? If so, what was your experience? I love growing my own vegetables and herbs. There is truly nothing better than a freshly harvested, homegrown salad. However, I have also had my fair share of “failures.” Or maybe I should say the squirrels, snails, birds and other animals in my neighborhood are often very well fed! Smile 

Be well,


  1. We have a small raised garden with six tomato plants and cucumbers in it. We have 4 pepper plants and three other tomatoes in large pots on the deck. The tomatoes are several types...grape, a medium slicer, and big boys. They are full of green tomatoes and blooms and about six tomatoes that are beginning to turn to pink. The cucumbers are the long, thin-skinned English variety and they are producing like crazy! I have had one each day this week and it won't be long before we have dozens at a time. I'm going to be searching for salads and pickles to use them in.

  2. Look at you guys! Great garden! Austin is growing tomatoes, peppers, basil, parsley and thai basil - i'm loving it!! My favorite salad is blue cheese crumbled, dried cranberries, arugula, almonds and avocado with raspberry vinaigrette!

  3. Yummy salads! My favorite food at the moment seems to be FAGE fat free Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries, a little stevia and cinnamon. I have it twice a day!

    Years ago we had a garden but our current yard has no place for one. Last year I had a patio pot with little sweet salad tomatoes and they were awesome.

  4. I never thought of adding mint to salad. What a great idea!
    I keep saying I'm going to start a garden, and have yet to.
    After seeing yours, I really need to give it a try!

  5. oooh I've been loving soba noodles as a base lately!

  6. Wow, look at your beautiful veggie garden! I'm envious, too, because my tomatoes are still small and green. No red ones in sight yet.

  7. OOOH...can't wait to experiment with some of the salads. There is NOTHING better than a "home grown" salad either!!!! Have a great day Andrea!

  8. Those salads look really good.

    I usually grow some herbs every Summer but this year I kind of forgot and didn't do it.
    I don't have room in my garden to grow vegetables. My grandmother had a big garden when I was a child and she used to grow almost every vegetable (even potatoes) in it and we ate fresh vegetables from here garden. It was delicious.

  9. Your salad sounds delicious. I so wish I didn't have a black thumb. I kill mint if that tells you anything. Sad.

  10. I wonder if it will sound silly to you since you do it but MAN i would LOVE to be able to say the words:


    goal duly noted.

  11. Roz's salad sounds AWESOME! I'm really into goat cheese lately, so any salad with goat cheese (and beets!) would be a good choice for me.
    Yesterday I was on a local morning NBC talk show and made a vegetarian sandwich with arugula and eggplant and tomato and a garlic cream sauce (the cream was yogurt)....I think it would have made a great salad too!!

  12. There is nothing better than eating food fresh from the garden.

  13. Completely jealous of your garden! We tried for years, but the deer and bunnies got our bounty before we did.

    And I need to make Marisa's buffalo chicken salad - I've bookmarked it a few times and still haven't made it. :D

  14. So glad to help a little with your salad inspiration, Andrea! And everyone's ideas sound amazing!

    Love that you grew your own lettuce! It's the one thing I wanted to add to our garden, but forgot! :(

  15. We haven't tried to grow lettuce, but I will next year! That all looks delicious!

  16. Fave:
    - Butter Lettuce, Olives, Capers, Tuna Belly, Green Beans, Hard Boiled Eggs, Artichoke Hearts & Cherry Tomatoes -- dressed with olive oil, dijon mustard, garlic, pepper & white wine vinegar

  17. I love the idea of combining everyone's ideas into one post. Fave foods right now? I'm on a little bit of an asparagus bender putting them in everything. My kids leave today for camp for 7 weeks so I've been making "their" food choices now I have some time to experiment with Lauren food.

  18. Anonymous6/26/2011

    love salads!!!! i am digging grilled veggies on my salads lately :)

  19. Love all your salad ideas, a while ago, I had the most delicious salad, butter leaf lettuce with mango, roasted hazel nuts and a lemony vinagrette - delish!

  20. I got a healthy basil plant from Trader Joe's and after 2 weeks, the leaves started having some disease. It had silvery, black or grayish colored patches on most of the leaves. I have been keeping the plant in my kitchen window sill and watering it almost everyday. Please help.

    1. My guess is that the plant had a disease when you bought it, but it still looked healthy. This has happened to me a few times. My only other suggestion would be not to overwater the plant.