Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lunch Salad

Years ago, when I had a desk job, I was quite good about bringing lunch to work. I didn’t have a lot of money, and a homemade lunch was also healthier. I think I would have never eaten out had it not been for the Greek salad at a tiny, nearby café. It was the best Greek salad I have ever eaten. It had a simple oil and vinegar dressing, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese and olives. Plus, it was always served with a slice of freshly baked, warm bread. To this day, I have never been able to replicate the salad, and no Greek salad in any restaurant has even come close to “my lunch salad.”

The other day, I felt a bit nostalgic and made my own version of “my lunch salad.” It wasn’t as good as the original, but it was nevertheless very satisfying.

Greek-Inspired Lunch Salad 

  • Romaine lettuce, torn into bite-size pieces
  • Tomatoes, cubed
  • Cucumbers, cubed
  • Olives
  • Feta cheese
  • Grapes, halved
  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
Super simple directions: Mix all ingredients and enjoy! Smile

Questions: What’s your favorite salad? I love all kinds of salads but go through phases. But anything with feta cheese and olives is a winner in my book. What’s your favorite lunch at the moment? I love salads as well as veggie wraps.

Be well,


  1. Anonymous6/16/2011

    gosh this salad looks to die for! i love a greek salad at a nearby restaurant in malibu. they kick up the normal greek with sundried tomatos and avocado. it is delish!

  2. My favorite salad is Greek salad too. I pretty much make it the same as you but without the lettuce and the grapes.
    Like you I love feta cheese and olives.

    I don't have a favorite lunch but what I do love is an Italian bread with avocado, boiled egg, spring onions and a little bit of mayo. Delicious, going to make that this weekend.

  3. My favorite summer salad uses fresh tomatoes as the base for the dressing. I dice a couple and put them in the bottom of a big salad bowl before sprinkling them generously with garlic powder and salt and pepper. I let these marinate for at least a half hour and a couple of hours if I have time. Just before serving, I add some pepper strips, cucumber, and thinly sliced sweet onion separated into rings along with some crisp Romaine lettuce. I then pour a little olive oil and red wine vinegar over the top and toss. The tomatoes gather a little pool of garlicy tomato juice in the bottom which mixes with the vinegar and oil to form the tastiest dressing ever! Just a teaspoon of oil is plenty and balsamic vinegar can be subbed for the red wine variety for a little sweeter version.

  4. This looks delicious!
    I like doing salads for lunch. Lately, I've been adding nuts and fruit to my salads. I think 99% of my salads include feta. It's just too good!

  5. My favorite salad, by FAR, is a Greek salad. Whenever they are on a menu I will order it :) And like you, I bring my lunch to work with me, but it's never really a "lunch" its typically a bunch of snacks (since I don't really ever stop to eat....I know...that's bad). I did, ironically, pack a salad for my lunch tomorrow. I just did mixed greens, cucumber, carrots, blueberry balsamic, and some cheese. Very simple!

  6. Looks like an amazing salad to me! I love Greek-style food!

    My favorite lunch for a while was Buffalo Chicken Salad- I was pretty hooked on it for a couple weeks!

  7. I love avocado, with jarred tuna and lemon and oil dressing over greens. I love making salads. Your greek looks great, doesn't the "Greek" dressing need oregano? Is that what's usually in it? I adored what you shared about your college-aged sons interest in nutrition. Must me so fun to share with him.

  8. So funny - I read this while eating my own version of a Greek salad: Spring mix, feta cheese, sunflower seeds and balsamic vinaigrette. Since I am tied to a desk job, pretty much every day I make myself a big lunch salad. Sometimes I put chicken or tuna on top.

  9. Hi Andrea, this looks delicious. I love fruit in salad. Right now, my favorite is beet and orange salad with fresh mint and goat cheese. So tasty. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Love Greek salads and make them on a weekly basis.