Monday, March 21, 2011

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Courtesy of the Sous Chef

My in-laws have an orange tree, and we are provided with many bags full of organic oranges during orange season. We also receive oranges in our CSA boxes, so there are always plenty of oranges in our house. Unfortunately, oranges are not my favorite fruit, but I know I shouldn't complain about too many oranges...

Hubby loves oranges and eats quite a few of them throughout the week. Yesterday, after we had all eaten oranges for a few days, our kitchen was still overflowing with oranges, so I decided to make some orange juice. As soon as my sous chef spotted the juicer, he decided to take over. And he did a fantastic job juicing orange after orange all by himself.

Of course he had to taste it! He said it was a bit sour but yummy.

Hubby liked it, too.

Questions: Do you like orange juice? Do you every squeeze your own? What’s your favorite juice? I actually prefer a nice green juice over any fruit juice.

Be well,