Thursday, March 10, 2011

Brunch Ideas and Tips

1.  Choose some items you can make ahead of time.

For our brunch last weekend, I baked an apple cake the night before, and I made a fruit salad early in the morning before heading out to a yoga class.

2.  Keep dishes quick and simple. 

I made some mini quiches, which were done in less than 25 minutes. I also made some toasted cheese and salami sandwiches while the quiches were baking. In addition, there was a pan with some breakfast sausages going on the stove. I also quickly put together some tomato/marinated mozzarella toothpicks. Everything was quick and simple.

3.  Buy a few brunch items ready made to make things easier for yourself. 

I had purchased some mini muffins, and one of our guests brought a delicious cinnamon custard ring. Thank you, Michael! Smile In addition, I bought a few savory tarts at Trader Joe’s. I heated them up a bit later, and they therefore never made it into the pictures. But they were a big hit with everyone!

4.  If you schedule your brunch later in the morning, make sure to feed hungry family members to keep them happy! Smile

Our brunch didn’t start until about 11:30, so the toddler ate a sandwich after already having eaten breakfast. He didn’t eat much of the brunch food, but he was happy! Smile

Questions: Do you like brunch? What’s your favorite brunch item? It had been quite some time since I hosted a brunch, but I really enjoyed it, so I see more brunches in our future! Smile

Be well,