Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Korean Phase

Most of the food we eat I would classify as “Andrea’s food.” What I mean by that is that I put my own spin on most dishes, and it can’t really be classified as any traditional cuisine. My pasta dishes are hardly ever truly Italian; no “real” German person would call my “German” food German, and my “Korean” dishes are Andrea’s version of Korean. Yes, there is a lot of kimchi and Korean flavors, but I usually do my own thing with them. I remember hubby asking my more than once over the years, “Can you do that?” I think he didn’t only question if the food would taste good but also if I was allowed to not “obey” any of the “rules” of Korean cooking… But, he is used to it by now, and I think he likes it! Smile

When it comes to food, we go through phases, and we sometimes go for several weeks without eating any Korean food (or my version of it!), but then we have day after day after day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And right now we are in a Korean phase.

Breakfast is often Bap Egg on Top (rice flavored with soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, Korean spicy red pepper paste, ketchup, and sesame seeds, topped with over-easy eggs).  I can’t get enough of it! Here is a recycled picture of it. I am not often patient enough these days to take pictures before eating… Smile

And here is some other “Korean” food we have been eating:

Bulgogi (marinated barbecued beef)

The “secret” is to marinate the thin beef slices for several hours in the fridge. My mother-in-law really liked “my version” and complimented me several times! Smile

We have also been eating kimchi stew. My version is made with chicken instead of pork. Not traditional at all…

Some side dishes: lettuce to dip into fermented bean paste, kimchi, seaweed rolls, chicken, marinated radish slices, marinated black beans, and marinated squid.

The toddler with his grandparents…

Questions: What’s your favorite type of cuisine? Do you cook traditional/authentic dishes, or do you put your own spin on things? Do you sometimes get “stuck” eating the same food over and over?

Be well,


  1. Please let me be clear. I. Like. Very. Much. :)

  2. we definitely go through phases as well - right now, my favorite ethnic food is Spanish, but I really love everything :)

  3. I love that you attempt to make Korean food (and by attempt, I mean you do a great job, even if it's your own version!). This is exactly what I do with just about everything I make, I make it my OWN version of whatever it is. For example, the gnocchi I made a while ago was my own version, with brown rice flour and crushed tomatoes instead of tomato sauce. I think it's great to put your own flare into your food! And, by the way, the Bap Egg on Top looks SO AMAZING!! I want eggs for dinner, definitely :)

  4. Oooh, I hope you share your Bulgogi recipe one day! I tried it once and loved it!

  5. Mm, that breakfast makes me want an egg. I love all cuisines. Indian is one of my favorites, but I definitely love to switch it up so I don't get bored. Cooking wise, I tend to use Asian-styled flavors the most, but I'll also do Indian and Mexican. I love going out for French or occasionally Italian!

  6. AS usual everything looks totally delicious. I'm pretty much down with anything that has an over easy egg on top. :)

    I do tend to get stuck as you say with the same foods but when I'm eating well, I welcome this. When I'm eating well, sometimes I can eat the same yummy healthy foods day after day and I love the simplicity of it. Especially knowing that I am doing my body good.

    Now when I'm doing it with lousy food, that's another thing entirely.....

  7. Anonymous12/09/2010

    These are some terrific looking specialties! We mostly eat different things but sometimes for our casual favorites do go through phases when we like to eat the same things for a while.

  8. I love Indian food. I try making it authentic but inevitably it always gets my own spin on it. I think it is great that you have your own version of Korean.

  9. I definitely get stuck in food ruts. I love getting inspriration from reading definitely helps me branch out.
    The egg dish looks excellent!!!

  10. If it were up to me I'd do different ethnic food each night, but my husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. I usually save those meals for my lunch.

    I just starting making and loving Indian food - I had an aversion to curry for too long, now I love it!

  11. That egg and rice breakfast dish looks so delicious Andrea! I put my own flare on our meals. A lot of the time I just work with what we have in the house so it turns into my own spin on whatever I'm making.

  12. I love Indian food. LOVE IT. Although I have to say every picture you just posted looks delicious I think that BBQ'd beef would be right up my alley.

    Like you, I put my own spin on everything.

    Oh yes...I meant to tell you...cranberry sauce on oatmeal. Genius!!

  13. I never make Korean food. I, like you, make Sophia food. A little bit of korean ingredients or inspirations sneak in here and there. ;-)

    Since you're in a korean kick, you should come down to visit us! Mimi's gone next week.

  14. The Korean food looks really good, Andrea. Especially the marineated beef. YUM! I get teased all the time b/c I rarely follow a recipe! LOL

  15. i LOVE Thai food, but i've yet to try and cook it. my current mission is to learn how to roll sushi. i've been procrastinating because i'm afraid of handling raw fish, but it can't be that hard....right? maybe i should practice with avocado first.:)

  16. everything here looks great and I think in time we all put our own flair into the food we cook.

    I know my husband does!