Monday, November 15, 2010

Why Hubby’s Blog Makes My Life Better

The above crepes were made by hubby. As some of you know, hubby has a blog. He mainly uses the blog to chronicle some of our “eating out adventures” and to capture some of the events in our life. It’s great to be able to look back at the past year through his eyes. Despite talking about “cooking more” (really not sure why the word “more” is there), hubby has not cooked much at all over the last few months. Luckily, the Foodbuzz Festival inspired him to cook more. And so he did. And I have to say he did a fabulous job, trying to recreate the crepes we ate at the Farmers’ Market a few days ago. Plus, the toddler was soooo excited to see Daddy cook and to help him! (Yes, I will shamelessly use that point to get him to cook more!!! Winking smile) It’s so important to have a good role model, don’t you think?Smile
So here are some of the reasons why hubby’s blog makes my life better:
  • His blog makes him cook.
  • It’s great to look back at what we did through someone else’s eyes.
  • Hubby is really into taking good pictures (sometimes too much so. It can get a bit old when you are not allowed to eat for what seems like an eternity because the photos aren’t “right” yet.) I sort of messed up his crepes photos as I took them and said they were good. He didn’t check until we had eaten them… Smile 
  • Hubby’s blog inspires me to become a better blogger. His four part Foodbuzz Festival series beats my recaps by far… And, yes, I am competitive… Smile 
  • It’s great to read some of the same blogs. We were lucky to spend some time with Sophia from Burp and Slurp and Lynn from the Actor’s Diet at the Foodbuzz Festival. We both have been reading their blogs for a long time. And it was great to meet both of them in “real life.” It was a “bonding moment.” Smile 
Questions: Do some of the “important” people in your life have a blog? If so, does it make your life better? Would you want someone in your life to start a blog? If so, what kind of blog? And why?

Be well,


  1. The crepes look like they turned out great! I love photos of the toddler. He is my fave. My sisters and SIL have a blog, I love keeping tabs on them. And I consider all my blog friends to be important people in my life!

  2. LOL...It's great to have someone else in the household who also cook. Hopefully my future significant other would have that same quality. hehehe...

  3. oh those crepes look great!

  4. I love that your hubby has a blog, Andrea! That's great! I will have to check it out soon. I think anything that makes someone cook more and experiment with good, wholesome food, is a great tool. I don't know anyone else, other than myself, who has a blog (and of course the other bloggers I "know"), but I need to start recommending it as a way to stay motivated and keep up with goals.

  5. The crepes look amazing!

    I have a few friends that have family blogs and it's nice to be able to keep in touch with their lives.

  6. Very cool that hubby has a blog. My hubby doesn't have a blog but believe it or not, he reads some healthy living blogs and reports to me on the gossip! hee.

    I only know one other person who has a blog (other than my blogger friends who became friends). I was so shocked when she told me- it's mainly recipes. Really good ones too.

    Fun that you got to meet Lynn- I met her once too- such a sweetie. I have yet to meet Sophia but would love to do so. :-)

  7. A two-blogger household? Now, THAT is pretty impressive. ;)

  8. Those crepes look good. I had no idea your husband blogged too. That is very cool. I do not have anyone in my family who does blog, but at least they all read mine.

  9. that's so great and how fun that Hubby is a blogger now too!

    and a little happy "competition" is good for the soul.

    crepes look AMAZING!

  10. YUM!
    I think it's great that your hubby has a blog. I would love more people in my life to have one-I feel like a bit of an outsider at times when I talk about it or am involved with it.

  11. Oh, how amazing that was! He has a food blog and you guys going to enjoy blogging together. ^_^ Soon, your toddler also blogging as well. Not sure what's he blogging about! haha.... Enjoy & have a fabulous day, Andrea.
    Blessings, Kristy

  12. OMG - that looks so fun and delicious.

  13. Anonymous11/16/2010

    I have a jar of the pumpkin butter in my pantry- the crepes are a great idea and easy! Also, thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

  14. Anonymous11/16/2010

    Oh my gosh how delicious looking!! And cute little men make food look even better!!

  15. I had no idea hubby had a blog. Will have to check that out! ;) The crepes look fantastic! I don't know anyone personally who has a blog although my daughter thinks she wants to start one! LOL