Friday, November 19, 2010

Reasons I Love My CSA

We joined a CSA almost a year ago, and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Here is why (If you are interested, I wrote about how to make a CSA work best for you here):
  • Nothing compares to a salad made with ingredients from the box. I have honestly never tasted fresher salad. Last Friday’s salad, made with ingredients from the box: butter lettuce, radishes, cilantro, avocadoes, tomatoes (from the Farmers’ Market). And yes, we are very lucky to get this in November…

  • All the veggies really encourage me to make veggies the star of meals. Plus, I find excuses to eat comfort foods for dinner… Baked potato and tomato/cucumber salad.

  • Over the last year, I have tried a number of veggies I would have never tried otherwise, such as fava beans.

  • Our CSA is really easy to work with and focused on costumer service. They replace items you are not satisfied with (such as a squash that is rotten on the inside) without any problems and make up for it in the next order.
  • Getting a box is always like getting a present. Plus, we try to open it as a family whenever we can, and it’s just a lot of fun!
Questions: Have you ever considered joining a CSA? I debated it for a LONG time before I joined. And when I finally joined, it was the last week of December, which is not the most common time to join I guess… Since we have some year-round produce here in California, we enjoyed it right from the start. But, I have to say that the summer and fall produce was truly outstanding! I truly wish I had joined sooner! What are your weekend plans? I am looking forward to a lot of quality time with the family. We also have a party to attend, which should be fun!

Be well,


  1. I love my weekly produce delivery! It's definitely made me try new fruits and vegetables that I may have never tried before. My most recent new item: persimmons - So Good!

  2. I need to find a CSA in my area!!!

  3. CSAs are so great. And wow, that truly is a salad for November! Butter lettuce has been gone for awhile here. Looks great⁄

  4. I am so jealous, so maybe when we get back to the states one day I can join a CSA too. No major plans for the weekend, probably just doing some work.

  5. Mine is not a CSA but organic, mostly local foods delivered to my door and I also enjoy considering the vegetable first when planning a meal. It also encourages us to try items we would not normally choose.

  6. My boys aren't really into veggies so I have a feeling if I joined a CSA a lot would be wasted. Plus, I grow my own garden in the summer so I can get my veg easily enough.

    My weekend is looking more free than the past few...YAY!

  7. I've been thinking (a little) about joining a CSA for the last four years (yes, four), but have never gotten around to doing it (shame, shame). I think CSAs are wonderful, and all the people I know say that the veggies are so fresh and delicious. Trying new foods also forces you to be creative in the kitchen. I've never tried fave beans!

    This weekend is all about moving - how did we accumulate so much stuff??

  8. It's always great to enjoy fresh harvest fruits & veggies! I'm lucky because I always got them for free. My friends will send in their home grown fruits & veggies every week. I'm truly blessed.

  9. I think I've mentioned this before, but my first experience with a CDA was not so good. We only got bok choy, green beans, and a few other random things. Never did we get fava beans, butter lettuce, cilantro, etc. It must pay to live in California!! I have never tried fava beans and I really want to make butter with them one day (pureed fava beans + butter) to spread on crackers or bread. I think it sounds good!

  10. Anonymous11/21/2010

    We like our CAS too but I sure do get tired of trying to figure out something to do with all the kale. It's worth it though when all the fresh corn and tomatoes come in.