Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ramen Date and Look What I Got in the Mail

Hubby and I rarely go on “real” dinner dates. However, every few weeks we try to get away for a quick, inexpensive lunch date. Yesterday, we went to a tiny neighborhood ramen spot.

I got the spicy miso. It was raining and cold outside, and the hot, spicy soup was just what I needed to warm me up. The bowl was so big that I was only able to finish about half.

Hubby got the spicy ramen bowl. It was good, but we both preferred my dish. And, in fact, when I was done with it, hubby finished my bowl rather than his… Smile

It was nice to share a tasty meal and to have a little alone time… Smile

Now on to the mail! Look what I found today!

That’s right, today I got Marty’s Blogger Babes Calendar in the mail! Deb aka Smoothie Girl announced the calendar earlier in the week, and I ordered one right away. I was really touched by the story behind the calendar, and I love that the calendar has some of my favorite bloggers. Here is what Deb wrote about how the calendar came about on her blog.
“The idea for this calendar stemmed from a running joke that my Dad used to make.  He always said that my blogging friends were pretty enough to be calendar girls.  Each time I had a 'meet up' with a new girl, he would ask "So another one for the calendar?"  The answer was always "yes."  And we giggled at the thought of a blogger calendar. 
It wasn't until he was dying of lymphoma in April 2010 that I had the idea to turn his joke into a reality.  Working together on this project was a fun distraction for him in his last weeks of life.  He helped to choose all of the girls and his favorite photographs as well.  The day before he died, he chose the final photo.”
The proceeds from the calendar will be donated to cancer research. To order your own copy of the calendar, click here.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Be well,