Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friends, Sunshine, and the Beach

Yesterday, I met up with a friend from grad school, and we had lunch at the beach. It was a beautiful day. It was so nice to just hang out, eat, talk, and complain a bit about work…  Smile There is nothing like talking to someone who truly understands what you are going through…

This was the view from our table on the patio of the restaurant. It was gorgeous.

FB Capitola 037

My friend got a turkey/avocado sandwich with a side salad, and I got a veggie burger with fries. The food was basic but good. And the company and the view certainly made it even better… Winking smile 

Questions: What have you been up to this weekend? Besides going to the beach, we went to the Farmers’ Market. If you want to see why, you can watch the video here. When was the last time you met up with an “old” friend? 

Be well,


  1. sounds like a PERFECT afternoon!

  2. My weekend consisted of flying home and unpacking from a trip to Quebec. And being very happy that none of my jars of maple butter, maple syrup and black currant jam broke in transit. ;)

  3. wow, looks like a beautiful day! we're moving into summer here, so it was HOT this weekend. my husband went to surf school and he's burnt to a crisp.

    i'm meeting up with old friends in a few weeks when i fly back to canada for the holidays! always so much fun, hey?

  4. Anonymous11/14/2010

    That's a gorgeous view! I haven't met an old friend in a long time. This weekend was a fun busy time in the kitchen, cooking.

  5. Love the beautiful view! The last time I met up with an "old" friend was a few backs ago. I'm excited to see a couple friends that will be coming into town for the holidays.

  6. That looks like the perfect weather for a perfect day catching up. I think the last time I caught up with an old friend was the last time I went home to visit. Although in Boston I met up with some people I have not seen in over a year.

  7. It is nice to make your acquaintance!

    I am enjoying the beautiful pictures of the ocean, especially since I am knee deep in snow! There is nothing like an old friend & a veggie burger & the ocean of course!
    I met up with some friends and we all went snow-shoeing this weekend.

  8. Beautiful! I love the beach - definitely think I took it for granted when I lived so close! This weekend I was in Auburn for the AU vs. UGA game - great weekend! I feel like I meet up with "old" friends a lot - sometimes they slip by and then it's great to see them again! I guess i'd say at Aaron's wedding last weekend I met up with my old bestie Nikki - it had been too long!

  9. A delicious meal with a view, it doesn't get any better than that. THis weekend was a "chill" one for me. The last week was an extremely busy one and I'm happy to have just relaxed the whole time.

  10. What a great way to enjoy the day with a good friend and I'm sure you had fun together.
    Cheers, Kristy