Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Easy Meal and Family Fun at the Park

I love our meals lately. Somehow, our meals in the past couple of days have just “magically come together.” Well, I still made them, but somehow it was truly effortless. While I’d like to say that all of our meals are that way, that would not be true. I think the reason I enjoyed the meals so much was because they were low-key, quick, and happened without “too much thinking.” One of our “no think” meals was wild salmon, sautéed cabbage and chard, and brown rice.

I chopped the cabbage and chard and then sautéed the mixture for about 10 to 12 minutes (until it was soft but still had some bite to it) and then seasoned it with low sodium soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame oil. Quick and easy.

And the salmon was just as quick. I sautéed it skin-side down for a few minutes and then turned it over and sautéed the other side. Then, I flipped it back and seasoned it with salt, pepper and dried dill. Next, I added the juice of one lemon on top of the salmon. I finished the dish by adding just a bit of butter on top of each piece of salmon and let the butter melt.

Here is my plate:

Sunday Fun 01

After lunch, we spent the afternoon at the park with my brother-in-law. The toddler really loves having his uncle around… :-)

Sunday Fun 08
Sunday Fun 02
Sunday Fun 03
Sunday Fun 04

Sunday Fun 05
Sunday Fun 06

Question: What was your last “no think” meal? Do you find cooking relaxing? I enjoy cooking on the weekends, using all the wonderful produce from our CSA box. I love having time and just seeing what happens. Weeknight dinners can be a bit more stressful… Planning and keeping things simple helps to make weeknights stress-free and calm (most of the time).

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  1. cute picks, especially with the football. Actually tonight I made teriyaki beef, which was a first for me. It was great! Also, I noticed your CSA post and just wanted to say that I just signed up for one! I'm eagerly anticipating the produce in the summer : )

  2. I am definitely craving salmon lately. Yours looks lovely!
    I am embarrassed to say that lately my "no think" meals have been ordering out. Cooking has not been on my radar lately! But usually my quick meals are quick and easy!
    Adorable photos...looks like you guys really made use of the lovely weather this weekend!

  3. That is so healthy and fresh looking!

    My "no think" meal is breakfast for dinner. Usually, eggs and toast with fruit on the side!

    Looks like a great day at the park!

  4. Oooh, love the new pastel colors on the blog. Almost looks like bubbles in champagne. ;)

  5. Anonymous4/19/2010

    I love when meals come together effortlessly! Good job :smile:

  6. What a great meal! I'm happy to see the toddler out enjoying himself after bring ill.

    I enjoy cooking most for a crowd. Something about cooking for lots of people gets me going. But I also like to cook dinner because it really helps me wind down from the work day.

  7. I'm sure that using such fresh produce really makes every meal taste even better!

  8. Glad you guys had a fun time at the park. I used to go every weekend when I was young. Those were some fun times. Last time I went to the park it was with my godson for a little playdate. :)

  9. i have to admit - even though i like cooking, i really enjoy eating out a lot more!

  10. Anonymous4/20/2010

    I've been having no-think meal for a week in a row, everyday at meal time I just open the fridge, grab whatever I find, make a stir-fry of veggies or noodles and voila, a simple but satisfying meal~
    yes, cooking is relaxing, sometimes I want to do more, specially baking goodies. but as I don't like sweets, I can't bake too much, i wish I have a big family to bake for! :)

  11. I'm glad the toddler isn't "scared" of his uncle anymore! I can remember that first picture you took of him when he saw his uncle for the first time in a long time, and he was very intimidated. Not anymore!! He looks so happy (they both do).

    The salmon and slaw sounds delicious. I actually sautee my salmon in low sodium soy sauce. It's tastes great. I do add lemon juice sometimes too. You should try it!! I'm actually making some tonight.

  12. I love it too when a meal comes together like that and it looks really great!

    Lovely family pics!


  13. last night turned into a "no think" meal! I had a completely different meal on the menu, but that would have taken too long so I reverted back to my mom's spaghetti sauce. Always a good choice :)

  14. What a fun family date! Salmon looks great! I've never thought to melt butter on top, may do that this week.

  15. What a great day out at the park! look at all the sunshine! Glad you have had some easy to prepare meals. I think the last time something came together so easily was a chinese noodle stir-fry dish I made. I tossed everything in the wok and poof, there was dinner. I think cooking can be a stress reliever and a major stress producer. Sometimes it takes longer than I plan and wind up in a rush to finish up if I am on my way to a dinner party.

  16. the uncle + the kid are so cute :)

    and i LOVE when dinners magically come together - or even better - when they transform into easy leftovers the next day. i wish cabbage wasn't giving me such tummy issues, because i LOVE the idea of adding sesame oil to it!

    happy tuesday andrea!

  17. Anonymous4/20/2010

    How cute is his hat!
    I love "no think" meals. I am not too creative without a recipe but am trying to think more outside the box.
    I do enjoy cooking but more on my days off. Usually I am already hungry and it is later when I get off during the week so I don't want to spend a whole lot of time.

  18. I love salmon! It really tastes good with just a little olive oil, salt and pepper, and lemon. It's definitely one of my favorite meal options. More and more I'm finding cooking to be relaxing, especially as I move away from cookbooks. I'm finding that when I make up my own recipes, cooking can be really fun and easy. It's definitely a great way for me to clear my mind.

  19. I find cooking SO relaxing - I just kind of zone out, especially during prep, and it's nice to do something that's ultimately for you, you know?!

    Great salmon recipe and CUTE pics of the toddler as per usual - love that hat!

  20. Anonymous4/20/2010

    I always love your family pictures- your toddler is so cute!

    I love meals that require little effort- I think the key is good ingredients then you need less effort. The last easy meal I made was tonight...smoked haddock, roasted vegetables and leftover bean ratatouille :) I find cooking relaxes me- something about the rythyms of chopping/cutting, the smells and the flow of creativity is soothing.

  21. I love cooking it totally relaxes me. My last quick no think meal was a pizza. Your dinner looks fantastic and healthy.

  22. The meal looks great even though I don't eat salmon.

    I always plan my meals ahead and plan easy to prepare meals on working out days when I'm home a bit later. In weekends I chose the easy way: some soup and bread or I cook a meal which takes a bit longer to prepare.

  23. I need more easy meal ideas. I'm stuck in a terrible rut.

  24. I love cooking on the weekends too...more relaxed and fun.

    lately I've been enlisting the help of some frozen entree's that I beef up with more veggies and things I have on hand.

    I am dieting too, so it's helping me get out of the kitchen M-F. Still trying to find everyone's happy place!


    looks like your lil guy had a great time with his uncle! good for him!!!!

  25. I had never thought to combine cabbage and chard... but I love them both! On the to-do list.
    My favorite no-think meal, which I will in fact be having tonight, is LEFTOVERS. I know some people hate them (hahaha my cousin calls it "used food") but so many foods just get better over time (soup/stews/chili in particular) and I think it is absolutely fantastic to do the work once and reap the benefits twice!

  26. I did that all the time! Believe it or not? I'm having a hard time cooking for my family. (They're very picky eater!) Sometimes, just too tired to plan for it. Sounds like you enjoyed what you did too! Good on you! Not easy being a wife & a mother huh!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Regards, Kristy