Monday, March 29, 2010

Morning at the Garden Park

Thank you for all the nice comments about my new layout! :-) I agree, it’s been time… Hubby actually has been trying to get me to change my blog for about a year (yes, I started the blog just a little over a year ago…). But for some reason I was very attached to the pink. I think I’ve mentioned before that I wasn’t allowed to be very “girly” growing up (short hair, few dresses, no pink, no Barbies, etc.). I feel like I’m compensating for everything I was missing out on… Anyway, I think the new, softer pink, is a nice compromise and hopefully more reader friendly.

Yesterday, the garden park opened again for the season, and we enjoyed some fun hours with the toddler and the teenager. Can’t wait for many more fun days this spring and summer… :-)

Garden Park March 01
Garden Park March 02
Garden Park March 03
Garden Park March 04
Garden Park March 05
Garden Park March 06
Garden Park March 07
Garden Park March 08
Garden Park March 09
Garden Park March 10

Question: What are you looking forward to this week? It’s Spring Break. I still have lots of prep work to do for next quarter, but I’m looking forward to a quieter week (hopefully)…

Be well,


  1. These are such cute and adorable pictures! It looks like you guys had loads of fun. My friend is visiting NYC for the first time, so I'm going to show her around town.

  2. Such cute and wonderful family time photo's!


  3. Your family is so precious! I can't wait to take my kids to the park someday. It's such a simple, fun, but underrated activity.

    Have a lovely Monday Andrea!

  4. Anonymous3/29/2010

    He is just TOO cute. I'm looking forward to hosting my first dinner at my new home on Easter Sunday :smile:

  5. Diane Fit to the finish3/29/2010

    What a fun place to visit and what a cute little guy! We are on spring break as well but sadly there's zero to do here. We may visit the big city on Thursday and do the zoo!

  6. Love the softer pink! I'm looking forward to some warm weather this weekend!

  7. I wish I could say I was on spring break, but I've got work to get done. hehehe...

    I like pink, but not too much of it. It's very fitting for the season.

  8. The park look like a lot of fun! I kids dream, for sure.

    I'm looking forward to a few night's off this week. No swimming, skating or hockey!

  9. Aww, your little one is adorable! I'm glad you had a great day at the park. I'd love a ride in those race cars :)

    I'm looking forward to a quiet end of the week and a warm weekend. Have a great week!

  10. What great pics! Looks like an awesome day.

    I'm looking forward to the warmer weather in New Orleans! I plan on going to a free outdoor musical performance at a park on Wednesday afternoon/evening with friends.

  11. Hee, I loved the photos! It looks like a lovely sunny day.
    I'm looking forward to this week to be over...bc that means my presentation and project would be long due!

  12. Aww, what a great time. So nice to spend time with your family. I am looking forward to my week in the States. I am going to Florida on Wednesday for a few days, so that will be nice.

  13. These are really lovely pictures Andrea.

    I'm looking forward to going to Arizona later this week. I love the drive across the desert.

  14. awwe these pics are sooo precious! what a fun time!

  15. Anonymous3/30/2010

    such a lovely post... full of joy!! :)

  16. Aww the family pictures just make me happy! You all look so happy!
    I'm looking forward to good weather at the end of the week- sunshine just lifts my mood tremendously. And I got my toes painted so I need to get some sandaltime!!

  17. these pictures are just precious :)

    I wish I still had spring break! But my mom and sister are coming to visit this weekend and I'm excited about that.

  18. I love the new blog design!! Your park photos are soooo adorable... I love the one of the toddler going up the stairs - he looks SO cute and confident! :-)

    Happy Spring Break!! I'm looking forward to Passover this week, and getting ready for Easter this weekend! :-)

  19. Looks like a really fun day! I'm looking forward to a long weekend and the fabulous weather we are going to have!

  20. He's such a cutie! I'm just looking forward to the nice weather. 80 degrees! :)

  21. oh I love all your beautiful pictures and your new colors are so pretty! I love it!

    what am I lookig forward too? I've had a long couple weeks. I am looking forward to getting outside and maybe a hike and some outside activities. That sounds nice.

    enjoy the break!

  22. Such a cute picture of you and the toddler :) Also love the one of the teenager and the toddler, so sweet!

    Happy Spring Break! This week I have just been looking forward to feeling "normal" again--normal sleep, exercise, work, eating, etc. It's so easily taken for granted until something throw it off!

  23. Anonymous3/30/2010

    Your little guy is too cute! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  24. Anonymous3/30/2010

    What a fun time. You are all so cute!
    I am working this week but I am definitely looking forward to some warmer weather. It has been really windy here!
    have a great week!

  25. i love it when we get to see photos of YOUR shining fave! lovely! your date night looked yummy.

  26. Ooo... you guys having so much fun! Beautiful photos and your handsome little prince enjoyed every single moment. He's just so adorable! ((Kiss him for me))

  27. Great pictures, and yes,the new layout is great!