Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Date Night

Hubby and I got to go on a date last night. We enjoyed the nice weather and ran some errands before getting a bite to eat. It was warm enough to sit outside, and it was a very pleasant evening.

The meal started with some warm rosemary focaccia bread with basil oil. I refrained from the oil as my gallstones have been acting up lately, but hubby enjoyed the oil, and the bread was excellent.

March Date Night 01
We also treated ourselves to a glass of Prosecco.

March Date Night 02

Hubby got an arugula salad with shaved Parmesan and fennel. It was delicious. I have to use fennel more often at home… Fennel is one of the vegetables I used to seriously dislike when I was younger, but now I love it. However, for some reason I never buy it…

March Date Night 03

For his main course, hubby ordered garlic spaghetti and chicken cacciatora. I loved the “garlickyness” of the pasta.

March Date Night 05

And I ordered a salad with grilled vegetables and salmon. It was very good.

March Date Night 04

Hubby’s meal also came with dessert: chocolate and amaretti custard with caramel and cream. I made hubby share it with me. Hubby happily let me eat about 70% of his dessert. I know, he is great! :-) I’m usually not a dessert person, but this dessert was amazing!

March Date Night 06

Questions: What was the highlight of your weekend? Date night was great, but we also had lots of fun at the garden park today. Photos to come tomorrow…

Be well,


  1. Looks like a lovely date night! How nice that you were able to sit outside! :)

  2. Great date night!! The eats look fabulous - especially that dessert - wow. :) The highlight of my weekend was probably Saturday poker- great to spend time with Austin's parents family and to win some $! LOL

    I love fennel but i've never bought it either! I use those little seeds in quite a few recipes but never 'fresh'!

  3. Anonymous3/28/2010

    Your meal looks great! So happy you were able to enjoy date night! The highlight of my weekend was probably just relaxing with my guy and hanging out :smile:

  4. Such a lovely evening for you two and that dessert...wholly yum!

    I love your new design....kool!


  5. awwww, i do think me and my husband do need a date night like this!

  6. Anonymous3/28/2010

    What a nice date night! That dessert looks amazing!!
    I went to see John Mayer and did a fun dinner with my sister. It's nice to go out and make a night of it.

  7. I love the new look, Andrea!

    Dinner out looks wonderful! I love Prosecco! It's hard to find, I feel. The arugula and parm would've been my choice of salad, too! My favorites!

    The highlight of my weekend was either taking Lily to the dog park or scoring a goal in my hockey game this evening :)

  8. Your grilled vegetable salad looked wonderful and I don't blame you at all for helping him out by finishing off some of that dessert!

  9. Aren't these new Blogger templates wonderful? Love yours.

  10. Lovely meal for a date night.

    Love the new layout!!!

  11. the new layout looks great! and that bread....yum

  12. I love the new blog look! Still pink, but very polished :)

    I think we were in the same place on the same day this weekend! We went for lunch. Your meals look delicious! Hope it was a great weekend :)

  13. Oh this layout is 1 million times better!!!!!! The other one was hard to read sometimes b/c the darker pink background and the tiny font and my eyes didnt mix well :) This is bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And love that the comment form is on the same page as the post so i can scroll up to body of post and re read if need be. GReat job, Andrea!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous3/29/2010

    such a great date night with great meals!!! :D
    love the new layout !

  15. The dessert looks awesome! I love date nights. It's nice to be on a 'date' sometimes, even when you are married.
    I like fennel too, but rarely buy it. usually I cook it, never really think to eat it raw.

  16. I love your new blog look! It looks very nice. I like to change my look every once in a while, but I'm now to the point where I don't know what to do. I need an ENTIRE blog makeover!

    So it looks like date night was fun. I love that you ordered champagne! And I give your hubby credit for letting you eat his dessert. Nick loves to share, but dessert is something he will NOT share! I had to fall in love with the one guy in the world who likes chocolate and sweets more than most women. HA!

  17. Sounds like a lovely, relaxed meal!

    PS....I really like the new layout.

  18. Date night looks wonderful! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself, sounds like a perfect weekend.
    My favorite part was spending the afternoon with my best friend. SHe is such a joy and I always feel so comforted and happy after!

  19. Anonymous3/29/2010

    Looks like a lovely evening! Send some of that weather my way, please!

    Love the new layout too :)

    Best part of my weekend was having coffee with my friend.

  20. first things first: I LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT! i hope that doesn't date me too much - needless to say, things have been crazy!

    yay for date night with the hubs - this sounds like a wonderful meal, and i LOVE prosecco! so sweet and delicious! also, bread + olive oil are the end of me. i could eat that for my whole dinner and be one happy camper!

    the highlight of my weekend was hanging out with mr. lawyer - no shame :)

    p.s. VLOG is all ready to go - now, i just need to post it :)

  21. Lovin' the new layout. So nice and light and refreshing. And your dinner out looks fantastic. The highlight of my weekend was spending time with my hubby before heading back to the good ol' USA.

  22. This food looks so great! I love Italian food and I love Prosecco! Perfect drink for a nice warm day.

    Highlight of my weekend was doing a run yesterday and set a new PR.

  23. Anonymous3/29/2010

    Your meals look amazing - glad to hear the hubby shared 70% of the dessert!

  24. What a fun date night! My favorite part of the weekend was going to a surprise birthday/ congrats on getting into Boston party.

  25. Date nights are important! Looks like you two had fun. I'd say that going to a surprise birthday party on Friday night was the highlight of my weekend. The birthday girl's husband had some pretty funny stories about almost being caught planning the event.

  26. I love shared desserts with my hubby... I make him eat half orelse I'd normally eat the whole thing.

    The best part of my weekend was time spent relaxing with Jacob. We're so busy throughout the week that when we finally get cuddle time I always enjoy it.

  27. I need a date night out too! The food looks so delicious especially that flat bread. Btw, that basil oil! Did they just blend in the fresh basil with olive together? With salt?