Thursday, February 4, 2010

Family Celebration and Lots of Carbs

One of hubby’s uncles turned 70, and we had a big family celebration at a Chinese/Korean restaurant over the weekend. It was really nice to catch up with everyone (although a bit difficult at times as the toddler was a bit wild).

The food was pre-ordered and served family-style to each table. I enjoyed it very much and especially liked that I got to try some things I wouldn’t normally order.

My favorite dish was the first course: Shrimp in spicy red pepper sauce with fresh cucumber slices and cilantro. Here is my portion:

There was also lots of kimchi. I told you the restaurant was Chinese/Korean… :-) Hubby’s family is very picky when it comes to their kimchi, but everyone liked this one…

Then there was duck. I would normally never order duck.

With the duck came plum sauce and scallions.

I actually made myself a “duck sandwich,” and it was really good. And luckily, my gallstones didn’t complain either. I was a bit worried as duck is pretty fatty, and I didn’t take off the skin…

There was also a shrimp dish with walnuts. I had only one of the walnuts. It was delicious.

There were about five more dishes, but I didn’t want to be rude/weird and take too many photos…

Here is a photo of my main course meal: rice, kimchi, veggies, shrimp, and octopus.

You may wonder what the toddler was eating. And the answer is: white rice!!! And lots of it!!!

He ate soooo much white rice that night and just a few veggies and a little bit of chicken. Actually, that’s not completely true. He also ate the buns for the duck sandwiches…

I think he ate two buns. Yes, I know, that’s a lot of carbs and not a very balanced meal. But I honestly let him enjoy what he wanted to eat that night. He had eaten a healthy breakfast and lunch, so I figured why not let him enjoy some a lot of white rice with a side of carbs. I never make white rice at home, so it’s a special treat for him, hubby, and the teenager. I’m not a big fan of white rice, but as you can see above, I ate it nonetheless… :-)

Question: Do you ease up on your “eating/nutrition rules” a bit during special gatherings? If so, how? Where do you draw the line? I usually allow myself one special “treat” that I normally wouldn’t eat/drink, such as a second glass of wine, some bread and butter, or some dessert. For me the key is not to choose all of them at once and thereby go overboard…

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  1. WOW - everything looks so good! I think i'm most intrigued by the shrimp/cucumber mix - sounds flavorful with that combination of cold/hot/spicy/sweet! haha Toddler with his white rice cracks me up - I used to ALWAYS only eat white rice when everyone else had stew or chili. :) I definitely let up during social gatherings. I try to have a bite or two of appetizer to join in...then I try to order a healthyish dinner! (chicken or salmon dishes!)

  2. It looks like the toddler and I have similar palates! Hehe. I would eat white rice ALL DAY if I could. The kid's got good taste ;)

    I love big family dinners like that! We do similar Chinese meals in my family...with so many courses that you don't even know where to start!

  3. Sounds like a great meal!

    I definitely ease up some when out to eat with a large group. I just make sure to balance it out at my "other" meals of the day.

  4. I loved seeing all of the Korean/Chinese dishes. They all looked wonderful.

    yeah, we ease up when it comes to celebrations. I am big on filling up first on healthy foods so we can sample and enjoy the event. I get full way before I ever get too overloaded ! haha

    I almost always start the day with green smoothies or green juice too. That way there's no Mommy guilt!

    LOVE IT! thanks for sharing

  5. Looks like a great time. As always the toddler is having fun. I always am more laid back for special occasions, but as a RD I know to plan for that in advance. I never skip meals since that is always a bad thing. I mix healthier optins with the less healthy to create a better balance.

  6. The best part of eating a meal like this is to sample...just sample...items that are special.

  7. Family celebrations are always fun because food will always be involved in one way or another. I want some of the duck and walnut shrimp. hehehe...

    I definitely ease up when it comes to celebrations of any kind. We all need to have a day off from our diets once in a while. :-D

  8. the spicy red pepper sauce with fresh cucumber slices and cilantro would have been enough for me, yum!

    toddlers...well thank god I have "trained" mine, i.e. only provided, lots of high raw veggies and fruits and she pretty much has to eat what Im eating. The hubs, he's another story :)

  9. That prawn walnut dish is one of my faves! (and probably the worst choice! lol)

    Yes, we definitely ease up on the "rules" when it's a special occasion. It keeps everything fun!

  10. I absolutely ease up on "eating rules". Social gatherings are supposed to be fun, and it's no fun if you restrict yourself! One night of too many carbs (or maybe wine in my case?) and no veggies never hurt anyone :)

  11. I LOVE those steamed buns!I could exist on BBQ steamed buns they have @ my fave local Asian restaurant.Eating RD has a recipe on her blog that I'm dying to

  12. I definitely ease up on my nutrition habits a bit when I am out to eat. You almost have to, right? We don't go out very often, so I think it's ok.
    This food all looks so delicious. I think the shrimp and walnuts would have been a favorite of mine. I actually had duck for the first time this past summer. I was a big fan. I'm glad it didn't hurt the stones. Will you have those removed, or do they end up dissolving eventually??

  13. I'm with you -that shrimp looks so full of flavor!

  14. That meal looks fantastic! I sometimes ease up on my healthy habits during special gatherings... especially if the food is something I really love and can rarely get; I also try to balance the healthier options with the less healthy option.

  15. They go right out the window at ANY family gathering - we call them our "Pig Fests". How about a recipe for the Walnut and Shrimp dish!? ~Mary

  16. Thank goodness supper is almost ready, this made me starvin'! Everything looks delicious! I do loosen the reins...but I try not to loosen them too much as I can easily over-enjoy! :)

  17. Anonymous2/04/2010

    Such a delicious celebration! I would love that duck, always my favorite!

  18. Yum I make a roasted red pepper sauce that I haven't put on shrimp yet but tha'd be a good idea. At special occasions I usually limit myself to 1 indulgence, either some non-whole wheat bread/roll or dessert or an extra glass of wine. I just make sure it's a decision I make instead of my eyes or stomach making.

  19. Everything looks so good, but I am defintely into the first dish. It looks so fresh and flavorful!

  20. Sounds like a fun celebration! Kids seem to love bread...My nephew went through a stage where he would only want to eat toast (unhealthy, I know). As a babysitter, I couldn't convince him to eat fruits and veggies, only his parents could successfully (but difficultly) do this. Kids are the cutest anomalies.

  21. How cute is your toddler! Just adorable.

    My sister married a Chinese guy and they had a banquet at a Chinese restaurant and although I don't mind Chinese food, some of the different foods were eye opening! I ate a lot of white rice that night. :)

  22. Such an adorable baby with his bangs and blue eyes :o) Those types of dinners are heavy on carbs, but you just enjoy them once in a while. Just an amazing banquet! Love it.