Thursday, February 4, 2010

Family Celebration and Lots of Carbs

One of hubby’s uncles turned 70, and we had a big family celebration at a Chinese/Korean restaurant over the weekend. It was really nice to catch up with everyone (although a bit difficult at times as the toddler was a bit wild).

The food was pre-ordered and served family-style to each table. I enjoyed it very much and especially liked that I got to try some things I wouldn’t normally order.

My favorite dish was the first course: Shrimp in spicy red pepper sauce with fresh cucumber slices and cilantro. Here is my portion:

There was also lots of kimchi. I told you the restaurant was Chinese/Korean… :-) Hubby’s family is very picky when it comes to their kimchi, but everyone liked this one…

Then there was duck. I would normally never order duck.

With the duck came plum sauce and scallions.

I actually made myself a “duck sandwich,” and it was really good. And luckily, my gallstones didn’t complain either. I was a bit worried as duck is pretty fatty, and I didn’t take off the skin…

There was also a shrimp dish with walnuts. I had only one of the walnuts. It was delicious.

There were about five more dishes, but I didn’t want to be rude/weird and take too many photos…

Here is a photo of my main course meal: rice, kimchi, veggies, shrimp, and octopus.

You may wonder what the toddler was eating. And the answer is: white rice!!! And lots of it!!!

He ate soooo much white rice that night and just a few veggies and a little bit of chicken. Actually, that’s not completely true. He also ate the buns for the duck sandwiches…

I think he ate two buns. Yes, I know, that’s a lot of carbs and not a very balanced meal. But I honestly let him enjoy what he wanted to eat that night. He had eaten a healthy breakfast and lunch, so I figured why not let him enjoy some a lot of white rice with a side of carbs. I never make white rice at home, so it’s a special treat for him, hubby, and the teenager. I’m not a big fan of white rice, but as you can see above, I ate it nonetheless… :-)

Question: Do you ease up on your “eating/nutrition rules” a bit during special gatherings? If so, how? Where do you draw the line? I usually allow myself one special “treat” that I normally wouldn’t eat/drink, such as a second glass of wine, some bread and butter, or some dessert. For me the key is not to choose all of them at once and thereby go overboard…

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Be well,