Monday, February 22, 2010

Another Special Breakfast and Weekly Meals

As I mentioned before, I am usually pretty boring when it comes to breakfast. But while my mom was visiting, I got a bit more creative… One of the breakfasts I made were poached eggs with spinach. I didn’t add any cream to the spinach, so the dish was light and healthy.

I toasted some fresh bread and spread just a bit of herbed cream cheese on it. In the meantime, I sautéed an onion and some spinach and seasoned the mixture with salt and pepper. Then I poached the eggs. I topped each slice of bread with some spinach and a poached egg and added some more spinach on the top.

Poached Eggs 01

I especially enjoyed the runny yolk with the bread and spinach…

I think this is probably the last special breakfast you’ll see for a while… On to this week’s meals:

Monday: Butternut squash soup with some leftover brown rice.

Tuesday: Smashed cauliflower, salmon, and quinoa.

Wednesday: It’s Wrapped Up Wednesday. We’ll wrap sautéed veggies (baby bok choy, carrots, broccoli, and mushrooms) into lettuce leaves and dip it into an almond butter sauce (almond butter, soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, and warm water, mixed really well). I love Wrapped Up Wednesdays because they are so interactive…

Thursday: Healthy pizzas made with sprouted grain tortillas as the crust and topped with tomato sauce, veggies as well as some shrimp. I picture this as another interactive dinner…

Friday: It’s Salad Friday. We’ll see what it’ll be…

Questions: What was your last “interactive” dinner experience? Do you like to assemble your food at the table?
Be well,