Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What To do With All the Leftovers & Weekly Meals (9/8 - 9/11)

As I said yesterday, we have lots of leftovers. I'll be using the leftovers for most of this week's meals:

Tuesday: Pita pockets with sauteed onions, bell peppers, cheese, & leftover sausages.

Wednesday: Chicken salad on a bed of spinach. I'll use the left over "herbed" chicken and make a chicken salad with just a bit of mayonnaise, olive oil, Greek yogurt, mustard, salt, pepper, & lemon juice.

Thursday: Whole wheat pasta with sauteed mushrooms & leftover sausages & organic tomato sauce (out of a jar). Tomato/cucumber/red onion/feta salad.

Friday: It's "Salad Friday." I think I'll be experimenting a bit with different cabbage salads...

Since most of the dinners are quite heavy, cooked, and include meat, I will eat raw food for the rest of the day. I'll start with a big bowl of fruit in the morning. For lunch, I'll have a big raw salad, and I'll snack on carrots throughout the day.

Question: What do you do when you have lots of leftovers? Do you just heat them up, or do you make them into something "new?" I actually wouldn't mind just heating them up for a week, but I think my family would mind... :o)

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  1. my hubs eats them as is...sometimes a la cold... I usually re create the leftover ingredients into some NEW masterpiece! HA

    mostly I make a new and improved taco salad or burrito or something along those lines...unless it's already a "recipe" and not just grilled veggies or the like.

    I am working on my menu for the week but I suspect I will have to finish it tonight. but yeah.... I am still doing it!

    today for lunch I heated a leftover stuffed pepper and put it over a bed of greens and added avo! it was DELISH!

    leftovers are awesome!

  2. Anonymous9/08/2009

    I go through stints where I could eat the same leftover 2 times a day for a week. Otherwise I try to somewhat reinvent them, chili into burritoes, soups mixed with couscous and more veg for a twist. I would use meats or seafood for omelets or in salads like you are. I love leftovers!

  3. Anonymous9/08/2009

    Such great ideas!!

    I love leftovers- often I just eat them as they are- but I love when I can use leftovers to make a whole new meal! Love your ideas!

  4. They usually end up as my lunches! My husband doesn't get as excited about leftovers as I do, and I get pretty excited not to have to make a lunch in the morning - so this seems like a pretty good way to make use out of them. Your meals sound delicious!

  5. We're not big fans of leftovers so lately I've been trying to turn leftovers into something new. The challenge for me is the planning piece-- when I don't plan well (which seems to happen a lot right not) we end up throwing a lot out. Love your post because it's inspiring me to get back on track with our meal planning!

  6. Have you tried a little tarragon in your chicken salad? It is a perfect accompaniment to the chicken.

    I do both. Some foods are better the next day just warmed up or eaten cold, but I also love creating new things like salads, soups, and sandwiches.

  7. I usually just heat them up and set them all out! however, I have been known to throw something together, and sometimes I even find a new recipe! Today I threw together a salmon patty, tortilla wrap, green beans, and feta cheese!! haha, random, but good :) I guess it's not necessarily leftovers, but a bunch of products that needed consumed.

  8. Anonymous9/08/2009

    I used to have a lot of leftovers when I cook "cook" meals, and by then, I preferred to add something and create something new, but not the best meal anyway. So, now I'd prepare simpler meals with almost or very few leftovers. I think it's better to eat fresh food as much as possible. When it's reheated, I think most of the nutrients are gone (vitamins and minerals).

  9. I usually don't reinvent leftovers, unless its a quiche or frittata. But your post reminds me I need to do better meal planning. Sometimes on leftover night, we're all eating different things

  10. Anonymous9/09/2009

    We go through hot and cold periods with left overs, as do most people probably. Sometimes I turn them into something else and sometimes we just eat them. Sometimes I never eat leftovers and the man is the human compost!

    See, this is where I get thrown off with meal planning. I might plan 7 meals but then find that we don't need 7 because we'll swamped with leftovers. And I don't want to plan 6 counting on leftovers because it would be my luck that for whatever reason we wouldn't have leftovers one night. Am I making excuses or what?? I need to get better at meal planning, you do such a great job with it! I bet it makes life easier too.

  11. Leftovers are great! Depending on what we have I'll either pack them up for lunch or create something new the next night.

  12. I need to get better about using my leftovers. All too often they get hidden in my fridge and go bad...I end up having to throw them away. Such a waste! Lately I've been trying to cook things that taste great when simply reheated the next day. For me simple is better.

    btw....that chicken salad sounds delicious!

  13. Anonymous9/09/2009

    haha i have actually asked a similar Q on my blog before. i love reinventing leftovers. your menu looks great!

  14. I love leftovers as they mean I don't have to cook! :)