Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What To do With All the Leftovers & Weekly Meals (9/8 - 9/11)

As I said yesterday, we have lots of leftovers. I'll be using the leftovers for most of this week's meals:

Tuesday: Pita pockets with sauteed onions, bell peppers, cheese, & leftover sausages.

Wednesday: Chicken salad on a bed of spinach. I'll use the left over "herbed" chicken and make a chicken salad with just a bit of mayonnaise, olive oil, Greek yogurt, mustard, salt, pepper, & lemon juice.

Thursday: Whole wheat pasta with sauteed mushrooms & leftover sausages & organic tomato sauce (out of a jar). Tomato/cucumber/red onion/feta salad.

Friday: It's "Salad Friday." I think I'll be experimenting a bit with different cabbage salads...

Since most of the dinners are quite heavy, cooked, and include meat, I will eat raw food for the rest of the day. I'll start with a big bowl of fruit in the morning. For lunch, I'll have a big raw salad, and I'll snack on carrots throughout the day.

Question: What do you do when you have lots of leftovers? Do you just heat them up, or do you make them into something "new?" I actually wouldn't mind just heating them up for a week, but I think my family would mind... :o)

Be well,