Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sweet Like a Lemon

Like a mini lemon cake that is... :o)

The other day I was shopping at Costco, and I felt like something sweet. I walked by the baked goods section and saw a beautiful box of mini lemon cakes. They just screamed my name, so I "had" to buy them... The box said they were "natural" (which doesn't really mean anything). The ingredient list was not too bad and there was no saturated fat.

However, the problem was that there were 32 mini cakes in the box! Yes, 32. So I knew that I had to come up with a plan, or I would be in trouble. I started by making sure I was truly tasting and enjoying the cakes. I was mindful when I ate the first one and realized that I was satisfied with just one. I had three more over the next few days. What did I do with the other cakes you ask:
  • Hubby and the teenager had some
  • I sent some with hubby to work
  • I served some to friends
  • I froze some (not sure yet if they'll survive it...)
Questions: Do you ever end up with too much tempting food in the house? What do you do when you have too much tempting food in the house?

Be well,


  1. Anonymous9/09/2009

    yes, too much tempting food in the house could be dangerous. So I first avoid to buy them, and if I buy them, freeze it or consume it quickly (sharing with friends) :)

  2. YES! I have these brownies sitting in my fridge right now from Arizona that keep screaming my name. I had enough while on vacation so I'm thinking of throwing them away! I try to avoid buying tempting things in bulk unless I know I can resist and limit myself--but sometimes I can't! lol

  3. Those are adorable! I love that you had a plan and you ate them mindfully and enjoyed them, so you didn't have to feel the need to overindulge. THAT'S awesome!

    Yes, I often end up with too much tempting food in the house because my family members LOVE treats! But, my new school of thought is that nothing is off-limits, so if I want it, I can have it and often times just saying that to myself makes me okay with having it around and I don't feel like I have to eat it all!

  4. Anonymous9/09/2009

    I have a ton of goodies in the fridge right now, and I'm thinking about sharing them :) If it were cookies, quick breads, or something more freezable I would definitely freeze! In fact, I have some yummy cookies in the freezer right now, haha. But I have so much other pastries to eat first!

  5. Any big amounts of tempting food at my house go to work with me. The people there are like vultures when they see free food!!!

  6. I love Costco. They really do have some great products. I can only go there ever couple months because everything is huge and they last me a while, which is a good thing. hehe...

    AS for having to much food, I usually tend to bring it to work sometimes to snack on or to give away.

  7. those are adorable! one problem with costco is the sizes - although economical, i know i don't need that many cakes hanging around either :)

    happy 9/9/09 ms. andrea!

  8. Oh YES we do! I tend to cook "big" since there are so many of us, but we sometimes have big amounts of leftovers - usually of cookies or something I don't want just hanging around.

    I do exactly what you did - give it away, send it with John and freeze it. It's tough to resist!

  9. 32 cakes! i would die! unfortunately i live with 4 other girls who keep all sorts of bad stuff in the house. it is all about self control!

  10. Honestly i go knock on my neighbors door and give it away. If some one i know just had a baby or is sick or simply home during the day i go there first. Sometimes i'll even call them letting them know i'm bringing them something before i start making it. That way i don't eat it all before giving it away. Either way it feels good to give.

  11. Great question!! I am not one to deny the fact that I have a major sweet tooth. Those lemon cakes look so pretty, and so tasty! When I have too many sweet things in the house, I often through them away...yikes! Or I give them away (better solution). Sometimes I have a hard time giving them away though because I'm always the one who gets angry when people give me sweets randomly, I just would rather not get anything at all, or get some fresh fruit! I guess during the holidays it's different. Just this weekend someone gave me an entire large sheet of coffee crumb cake (loaded with trans fat). I ate one piece (about 3 by 3 inches) and then tossed it (don't tell Nick!) haha

  12. Those look absolutely amazing!!

    I often have tempting food in the house, mostly at the fault of my husband. He keeps beer (my biggest weakness to be honest, I love beer with dinner/movie/etc. Not drinking to get drunk, just like the taste of beer. Yes, I'm weird.) in the fridge whenever he's home. So I write a note on the fridge door telling me "No Beer!" unless it's a "Bad Day" (When I use all my extra WW POINTS for the week.)

  13. Lemon Cakes would HAVE to come home with me too.
    Lucky Duck

    I don't have temptation issues...I have the Teen and the Hubs. (snicker)

    The Teen's Toll House Cookies are my downfall though...luckily the dough is what I really want and when it's is the temptation


  14. The cakes look delicious!

    I try not to keep tempting foods around... Too dangerous... :)

  15. I love any dessert that has lemon in it. These look tasty. I try really hard to keep the sweet items to a minimum in my house - it's less tempting when they aren't around.

  16. Yes- I've been making too many chocolate chip cookies the last couple of weeks- I really just wanted a couple and I was satisfied- so I took a big bag to work today to share!

  17. I absolutely LOVE lemon desserts! Something about the sweet and sour combo gets me every time! Those are so cute too! I definitely see why you "had" to have them!

  18. tempting food used to be a problem - but you know what has solved it? having a TON of tempting food. like ridiculous amounts. it reminds me to take my time, and i can have a treat whenever i want it.