Thursday, September 3, 2009

Delicious Cheese

The other day I discovered that Whole Foods has a little basket with various small pieces of cheese near the prepared sandwich section. They call it "Bits & Pieces," and a sign says the cheese is perfect for sandwiches. I love looking through the basket and usually find a small, "interesting" piece of cheese for a very reasonable price (each pieces usually costs about $1.00 or $2.00). While I love cheese, I only try to eat a little bit at a time, so one small piece a week is about perfect... :o)

The other day we had some friends over, so I bought four pieces instead of one. Everyone loved the cheeses.

Here is what I got: 9 months aged Gouda, Raw Milk Monterey Jack, Raw Emmentaler, Habanero Monterey Jack
And here are the cheeses with some red & green grapes, tomatoes, almonds & breadsticks
Question: What's your favorite type of cheese? When was the last time you ate cheese?

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  1. Fresh buffalo mozzarella. I love the milky and gooey taste of the fresh cheese. Awesome w/ other dishes as well.

    I had a slice of provolone on my sandwich for lunch yesterday!

  2. I have yet to meet a cheese I didn't like!

  3. What a beautiful platter! One of our markets has a similar basket....this one had odds and ends meats & cheese. You're right...they're great for lunches!

    I'm not a huge cheese eater, but the one kind I love for it's creaminess is an Italian cheese called "Casatta". It's like mozarella, but much creamier. I don't buy it...too dangerous at my place....but my Mom always has it so I steal some there on occasion!

  4. OH I BANNED cheese from my life...and the last time I ate some was last night.


    I am a terrible banner
    I love goat...and fontina...and brie....

    I can omit diary of all sorts and kinds but cheese has to stay, in some degree.

    love your beautiful platter!

  5. I don't eat cheese very often either. For a long time I didn't care for it, but now I appreciate it. I have to say that maybe because I haven't had a lot of different kinds of cheeses I'm pretty basic - fresh mozarella

  6. Anonymous9/03/2009

    Um, pretty sure cheese is a staple in my house! My store has what they call "cheese ends" and they sell them for $1.99 a pound - I usually just shred it when I get home and love the combination of flavors.

    Favorite cheese though? That's a tough one - I'd have to say goat cheese first, then pepper jack second!

  7. Oh that looks so good! As I've said on my posts, I am becoming a BIG cheese fan! My favorites are Swiss and Blue cheese, but I also love feta, and cheddar. I want to do some more experimenting with cheese, in the future.

  8. Anonymous9/03/2009

    I get those little itty bitty cheeses too :) except mine are from my local health food store. Love the sample sizes (cheaper than buying a couple whole blocks too!).

    I love raw cheddar cheese and fresh mozzarella. Oooh, and melty brie. I had some parmesan cheese yesterday on top of my pasta, mmmm!

  9. Oh that cheese plate looks so good! Glad to hear you enjoyed such a nice variety (I know how much you love cheese ;-))

    I guess my fave would be blue cheese although I like pretty much all types of cheese ...

    I really like big shaved slices of a good parmesan too. Mmmm, sounds good right now.

  10. Mmmm, that cheese platter looks lovely. I am a big cheese fan and love pretty much all of it. My favorites are probably feta and smoked gouda. I’ve never noticed the Bits and Pieces basket at Whole Foods, though! Will definitely keep my eye out the next time I’m there.

    The last time I ate cheese was today with lunch when I had some shredded cheddar on my Mexican salad.

  11. dang i wonder if my WF has that?! i love love love cheese but only eat it on my free day now that i am on a strict eating plan. that would be perfecto. i can't even begin to say a favorite cheese! i seriously love them all. when living in europe i found a love for every new type i tried. today i ate some laughing cow light cheese :)

  12. I love all cheese. Just had some goat cheese in my salad.

  13. I love mozzarella, manchego, and swiss. Pasmesan is in that list, too, but who doesn't like parmesan. Though, I'm not privy to a specific type. I'll try almost any cheese.

    As to how often, I guess that depends on what I'm going to eat during the week.

  14. Anonymous9/03/2009

    That's so cool! I would love that! I haven't had cheese in a while, I enjoy cheese but just haven't been eating much dairy these days. I just remembered - I last had cheese in vegetarian lasagna last week!

    I think provalone and swiss are my favs!

  15. Such a beautiful cheese plate!

    I love ALL cheese; probably my fave is Fontina

  16. this is cool will need to look for the basket in my whole foods

  17. Anonymous9/03/2009

    Beautiful cheese platter!!

    I love cheese, it is almost too hard to choose a favorite- I love feta, brie, mozzarella -okay, you're making me want cheese right now!!

  18. Yum! What a beautiful spread!

  19. Hmm my favorite cheese...
    I'm not a big cheese person but I'd have to say Goat Cheese or Mozzerella!

  20. Beautiful cheese!

    My favorite cheese is brie.

  21. Gorgeous pictures, Andrea!

    I am going to Whole Foods tomorrow possibly... I may have to check this out! I've never seen it before!

    I LOVE cheese... lol... My favorites are swiss, muenster, havarti, mozz... I can go on and on...

    and by the way, thank you SO much for your input today. I really appreciated it!!!

  22. Anonymous9/03/2009

    Oh yummy!!! That looks sooo good! I love cheese, I eat it daily without a doubt! I'll eat any kind really, except for blue cheese.. ick!

  23. Looks so good, what a pretty platter, I will have to look for this at my whole foods too, I hope they have it :) I dont eat much cheese either, although I love it. It doesn't love me, but I cant live without it so I eat enough bread or Lactaid to counteract the belly ache. LOL

  24. What a great tip! That cheese and fruit plate is my idea of heaven. Just need a little wine and some crusty bread... :)

  25. Anonymous9/04/2009

    I love cheese. Lots of various types please me, but one of my favs is feta. I had a bit of Australian cheddar last night melted over a risotto cake.

  26. HOLY GORGEOUS CHEESE PLATTER! this is right up my alley. i could eat cheese, fruits, nuts and some crackers and be a happy camper. my fave cheese is GRUYERE...soooooo good!

  27. Anonymous9/05/2009

    Wow, great platter! I will have to check my WF and see if this basket is also in the same area. I like Drunken Goat and Grueyer(sp?). Also since flowing Natalia Rose's Raw Food Detox Diet, I have found a new place for the raw cheeses :-)


  28. Anonymous9/05/2009

    Beautiful platter. I hope my WF have small chunks like that to sell too.

  29. I am so jealous! I wish we had a WF here in Iowa :( My favorite cheese so far is Raw Manchego Goat Cheese! YUMMM!!! Gouda is also ranked high on my book!