Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who Is Cheating On Me?

The other day when we were at the mall, hubby and the toddler decided to get some pizza from Pizza My Heart... Yup, they were cheating on my homemade pizza (which I admit I have yet to make again...). They were so excited!

The toddler got a slice of cheese pizza (cut in half - yes, these slices are HUGE), and hubby got a slice of pepperoni and mushroom.

There is the toddler, enjoying his pizza right in front of me...

Yes, you have been caught!!!!

Questions: What's your favorite "cheat" food? What have you been up to this weekend?

Be well,


  1. Ahh, he's so cute! I don't really like to think of food in terms of cheating/guilt/etc because it triggers a lot of emotional stuff for me, BUT I will admit to going to town on some french fries from time to time. Especially sweet potato fries!

  2. In any other country (especially Asian countries) it'd be street food but... here in the US it's ice cream. I will never turn down well made, smooth, velvety, ice cream.

  3. I love how he holds his pizza, his left hand is so delicately handling the slice :) Sorry you were cheated on :( I do love the mushroom and pepperoni combo though!
    My favorite "cheat" food is a cheeseburger, or even just a burger, without cheese. The one I ordered on my thesis defense day was outstanding!

  4. Our favorite breakfast place makes a pecan waffle that is WONDERFUL! I always share it with The Husband but even half of one of those babies is decadent!

  5. Anonymous8/23/2009

    I love flaming hot cheetos. Luckily more store sells the tiny .25 cent bags for my monthly jones!

    We have nothing planned this weekend so I got to bake yesterday and today is just laundry and grocery shopping.

  6. Anonymous8/23/2009

    Is your son every cute!! Looks like he was lovin' his pizza! Yum!!

    My fave 'treat'... hmm.. I do a few.. Starbucks, Pizza, rich desserts, single serving and made with *REAL* ingredients.. kwim? No processed crap.. lol! ;)

    Yesterday I went to the market with my best friend, had a great day! Today i'm starting with Pilates! Thanks so much for your advice on my ankle! I appreciate it and will definitely be taking your great advice! :)

    Have a super Sunday!!

  7. Your toddler is just WAAAAAY too cute. What a precious little face! Pizza gets me is just so darn good.

  8. Anonymous8/23/2009

    The toddler is too cute with his pizza!!

    My favorite "treat", "every once in a while food" is french fries!

  9. mmmm pizza. that is a pretty cute name for a pizza joint, i gotta say. but home made stuff is always better in my opinion!

  10. We LOVE Pizza My Heart. I think it's my fave place for pizza (good thing it's 20+ minutes away!). The girls can split one piece! LOL

    I am relaxing while dh took the kids to our favorite local "nature park" ;-)

  11. So cute. My cheat would hve to be junk food. As much as I try to avoid them, they're there teasing me to eat them. Once in a long while I'll cave in.

  12. hehe CUTE picture! I did 2 different DIY pizzas yesterday - SO GOOD!! I just don't ever want to order again!! :)