Thursday, August 6, 2009

Teething Pain: Frozen Yogurt to the Rescue!

The toddler is getting his last four molars, and he has been in quite a bit of pain. He gets so desperate that he bites down on anything in sight, including wooden spoons, the bottom of his shoes, dirty sticks he finds at the playground... Oh, and he has also tested the back of my legs - very painful!

So hubby suggested we get some frozen yogurt since the cold yogurt seems to help him. (Plus, we can never get enough frozen yogurt....) So we got some frozen yogurt and ordered a medium, original flavor with strawberries, blueberries & chocolate shavings.

The intention had been that we would all share the yogurt. Well, tell this to a teething toddler... Not so much sharing...

Well, at least he seemed to feel better for a little while, evidenced by less biting... :o) Hubby and I will get our yogurt fix some other time...

Questions: Do you like frozen yogurt? What are your favorite flavors and toppings?

Be well,


  1. Anonymous8/06/2009

    I've never really been a frozen yogurt fan, I'd rather just have ice cream! But I've also never been to pinkberry either.... maybe I just haven't been at the right FroYo place!

    Maxine's last molars are coming in too (about a year late, both of mine are late teethers!) but she doesn't seem to notice. Or really it just blends right in with the usual 2 yo drama.

    Pizza night tonight?! I hope it turns out well!

  2. We've resorted to ALL sorts of frozen "things" to help .... my tot is cutting molars but before the rest of the pearly whites!! what gives? I am so confused.

    Maybe his teething is why he started biting me!! that makes sense!!!

    I don't eat a lot of fro-yo but at COLDSTONE I have HAVE to have cheesecake ice cream with cherry pie filling.... it's to die for!

    I normally eat my yogurt ala boring and plain!
    (but than again, I don't end up getting much of it either)

    he looks SO excited to get that bowl all to himself!!!!

    cutie pie!

  3. frozen yogurt is soooo good - i love it with lots of fruit and yummy toppings!

    love kid eating pics - too cute!

  4. AWw, I bet that frozen yogurt felt so good for him! I am a huge froyo (frozen yogurt) fan. I love it in the fall when the /united Dairy Farmers has pumpkin frozen yogurt. I also like peanut butter flavored :) As for toppings, I like boring hot fudge and whipped cream! If I'm in a healthy mood I'll do berries and bananas.

  5. aw poor baby toddler!! I hope he feels better soon!! I've been getting the same fro-yo since I was a little girl at the TCBY in my hometown - vanilla/chocolate swirl in a small cup - no cones/no toppings! hehe

  6. Awww, poor little guy. I love frozen yogurt. There was a place where I grew up that always had white chocolate macadamia frozen yogurt and it was awesome.

  7. The yogurt looks good! I hope the toddler feels better soon. :)

  8. I love me a good froyo. Pinkberry in particular. ;-) I usually like the regular flavor, but their new pomegranate one is pretty good, too. I usually top mine with fresh fruit.

  9. I adore frozen yogurt, but there is NO place near me :\ I have to go into NYC for some good old fro - yo loving.
    love the chocolate shavings :)

  10. I love froyo! But sadly the only place we have here that sells it is Costco.. although I do love that stuff!

  11. i absolutely adore fro yo. i prefer it to ice cream and gelato, actually.

  12. Anonymous8/06/2009

    One is not enough! I would have cried. lol.
    As you can clearly see...I ADORE froyo. I love the original tart, and the green tea one. In Yougurt Land I also really liked the PB and the pistachio one.

  13. Anonymous8/06/2009 teeth hurt too! I need some yogurt- my favorite flavor is chocolate with lots of toppings!

  14. You know my response to this one: LOVE ADORE OBSESSED w/ tart, plain froyo! I'll have to email you my fave local place. Haven't found a better one yet IMO. I like plain w/ dark chocolate chips or fruity pebbles but usually order it w/ no toppings.

  15. Hi Andrea! I just found your blog - I am new to blog land! It's great. I assume that's a picture of your son? He's precious! And I love frozen yogurt...all of it...any of it!!!

  16. Awww, poor baby! I like the way you rhubby thinks ;) I do love fro-yo! I love the "new" places that have the tart, plain kinds. When I was a kid, it was all flavored and really sugary. Red Mango had some new POM and Green Tea flavors that are really good, though, and not so sweet :)