Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Simple Mushroom Salad

Hubby LOVES mushrooms. I often add mushrooms to mixed salads, but we also eat a lot of cooked mushrooms (who can forget all the grilled Portobello burgers that we have been eating...). Whenever we chop mushrooms, hubby can be found standing in the kitchen, eating them.

Yesterday, I made a very Simple Mushroom Salad:
  • I marinated thinly sliced Baby Portobello mushrooms for about 30 minutes in
  • Olive oil (the really good one from the Farmers' Market)
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Salt & pepper
Before serving the salad, I added some chopped basil. The salad was so delicious.

There was a bit salad left over, and I made a sandwich with the leftover salad with some tomato slices and some cheese. Sorry, no picture! But it was delicious. I think both the salad as well as the salad on a sandwich will be staples in our house from now on.

I'll be back later with my weekly meals. The last few days were a bit "thrown off" as I had some stomach issues on Sunday and a dentist appointment (which I hated and dreaded and feared) yesterday afternoon.

Question: Do you like mushrooms? What's your favorite way of eating them?

Be well,


  1. Anonymous8/11/2009

    I put mushrooms in things that I'm pretty sure nature never intended them to go in (no, not like that). I love portobello sandwiches and I always throw mushrooms in my eggs, salads and stir-frys.

    Once in awhile, when I'm feeling fancy, I do the stuffed mushroom caps with hummus or a veggie and cheese mixture. In the oven, in the mouth, delicious.

    There is a fungus among us...

  2. I love to sautee them...esp crimini, oh heck. I love them all

    night before last I sauteed them with a few pc of shrimp in coconut oil (my new stuff) and just topped it over rice

    lately though I have been adding sauteed mushrooms to grilled gnocchi! it's a staple for me now! addicted to it.
    I am going to give your mushroom marinade a go! it sounds AWESOME!

  3. Unfortunately, I have a husband who doesn't love mushrooms, so I don't cook with them much. This salad, however, looks absolutely delicious...and it's so pretty!

  4. YUM! This salad looks great. I use to hate mushrooms, but recently have fallen in love with them. I love the sauteed with onions. Doesn't matter what you use them for.

  5. Anonymous8/11/2009

    I wish I loved mushrooms - love the smell when I make them for my husband.

    I usually pan fry them in a touch of butter to go over his steaks.

  6. Anonymous8/11/2009

    Hope you are feeling better (and your dentist appt went well)

    LOVE mushrooms: on pizza and sauteed w/ garlic, EVOO and herbs are my fave ways.

  7. I used to hate them, but now love them!! I love them in salads, on pizza and in dishes.

    My favorite "celebration dish" is chicken marsala, which uses lots of mushrooms.

  8. i adore shrooms. my blogging partner christy does not!

  9. I never really started to appreciate mushrooms until the last couple of years. Now I can't get enough of them. i love to saute mine, but I'll eat them in any way shape or form. ;-)

  10. Yummy salad!!!

    I love mushrooms, too! My favorite way to have them is in a salad or on PIZZA :)

    By the way, you asked about the little one on my blog... and yes, that's my daughter! :) Her name is Maddie and she's 3 1/2... and all attitude right now ;)

  11. Hi Andrea, thanks for visiting my blog!

    I usually just like to add mushrooms to my salad, which usually has lettuce, peppers, and fruit, and then I mix the salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar as the dressing. Your idea is really neat because I never would have thought to make just a mushroom salad with a olive oil and balsamic vinegar marinade!

  12. I love grilled Portobello mushrooms. But your salad looks great! :)

  13. i'm reeeeeaally trying to like mushrooms, but for now i just don't think i could make an entire dish devoted to them. your stuff always looks so good, though, so i'll keep the recipe in mind for when i enter mushroomville :)

  14. Salad and sandwich both sound amazing. Mushrooms are one of my very favorites - I am lucky that my husband and children love them too.

  15. Anonymous8/11/2009

    Yes, I'm obsessed with mushrooms! Unfortunately my boyfriend isn't a huge fan so I really only put them in my own stir fry or salads and such.

  16. Anonymous8/11/2009

    Oh yeah I like mushrooms! On pizza, in salad, on soup, as burgers, bring 'em on!

  17. Anonymous8/11/2009

    I absolutely LOVE mushrooms!! I'll eat them in the house, or with a mouse , with a fox, or in a box.... ;) lol!!

    Your salad looks delicious! Never thought of having a mushroom only salad! Yum!

  18. Anonymous8/11/2009

    I honestly used to hate mushrooms, but now can eat them (in small pieces) in pizzas and pasta. I've never seen a mushroom salad before (with just mushrooms), and I'm sure my parents would love it if I made it for them (they're mushroom fanatics!) :)

  19. Anonymous8/11/2009

    I love all types of mushrooms. Stirfry is always good.