Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life is Sweet Like a Cupcake

Our gym is close to a bakery that only sells cupcakes. They make them fresh every morning and use organic, local ingredients. The cupcakes are delicately flavored and not too sweet and the frosting, which I am usually not a big fan of, is fluffy and sweet but not overwhelming.

When the bakery first opened last year, we bought cupcakes twice, but since then I have always said "no" when hubby suggested getting some. So he stopped asking... Well, let's just say hubby was quite surprised when I suddenly suggested he and the toddler should each get one.

Isn't the toddler's cupcake cute? Hubby got a lemon cupcake with Meyer Lemon filling and vanilla frosting, and the toddler got a strawberry cupcake with just the tiniest bit of jam running through the middle. I can't remember what the frosting was, but it was delicious...

Well, as you may have guessed, I did end up sampling (hubby may interject here and say "shared") the cupcakes. Oh, and the toddler finished his cupcake very quickly and managed to get some of hubby's also... I think overall, it was perfect: we all got a little something sweet without going overboard...

Life is indeed sweet... :o)

Questions: Do you like cupcakes? What are your favorite flavors? Have you ever baked your own cupcakes?

Be well,


  1. Oh my goodness Andrea... your little one is just too cute for words! Love the picture of him with his cupcake!

    I am a chocolate cupcake lover all the way! Any kind of chocolate cupcake with a PB frosting is going home with me! :)

  2. Cute and tasty cupcakes. I love coconut cupcakes.

  3. OMG...I have a huge soft spot for cupcakes. Actually, my whole body goes soft for the things...I love 'em! My favorite flavors...ahh, too hard to choose! I'd probably be boring and say a yellow cupcake with vanilla frosting. Or cream cheese frosting. Or chocolate. Anything, really :)

  4. Cute cupcakes!

  5. OH I ADORE CUPCAKES and LEMON is definately the BEST....those are so adorable and so is lil one!

    cupcake bakery next to your gym??? that is a dangerous combo (for me anyway)

  6. Hehe...I love cupcakes especially chocolate and vanilla. I always eat the bottom first then the top with the frosting.

    I find it funny that the bakery is next to the gym. Work out and eat something sweet. Don't have to feel guilty about that. Love it!! LOL.

  7. j'adore cupcakes. mostly the frosting.

  8. Cupcakes are the best! Sprinkles is the best place to get sprinkles, although if you want to go cheap... costco has huge cupcakes for super cheap and A-MAZING!
    I love all kinds but chocolate.

  9. Awwww he's SO CUTE!! I can't get over it.

    I love cupcakes. I've been a cupcake fan since I was very young. Once for my birthday I brought cupcakes that were made inside ice cream cones!! They were a huge hit :) My favorite flavor is white cake with the confetti icing from Dunken Heinz (I can't spell..)

  10. Anonymous8/12/2009

    Ooooh! These cupcakes look SO cute and pretty! And love the pic of your dear son enjoying his. Puts a smile to my face!
    i just recently baked some cupcakes. I'm actually not a huge fan of cupcakes, esp the frosting part, because I don't like sweet stuff, but I DO love baking and decorating them and just appreciating its cuteness!

  11. Life is sweet and those are adorable!

  12. Anonymous8/12/2009

    I see too many posts about people with these sweet cupcake joints near their house. How come I don't have something like that near me?? I would love to go buy ONE cupcake. Those look totally yummy and so does your sweet little man! :)

  13. Anonymous8/12/2009

    Mmm those sound delish! Not too sweet frosting is the good kind for me :) And organic local ingredients? Can't beat that!

    I've made many cupcakes before, most memorable being strawberry filled angel food cupcakes and smore cupcakes!

    I love a simple vanilla cupcake with the slightest bit of frosting (not gobs of it) or coconut since I love all things coconut!

  14. that last pic is too freakin cute.

    Im easy.
    and icky :)

    cheap store bought are my fave.
    reminds me of my childhood...

  15. Hahaha I am convinced that gyms lease space next to bakeries just to keep people members at their gym! My friend used to go to a gym that had pizza night every Monday! But those cupcakes are SO cute... I would be tempted!

  16. I have never met a cupcake I didn't like! Love your pics :)

  17. YUM! I just love cupcakes. More than regular cake, for some reason! My favorite is just plain vanilla, or red velvet :)