Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Life is Sweet Like a Cupcake

Our gym is close to a bakery that only sells cupcakes. They make them fresh every morning and use organic, local ingredients. The cupcakes are delicately flavored and not too sweet and the frosting, which I am usually not a big fan of, is fluffy and sweet but not overwhelming.

When the bakery first opened last year, we bought cupcakes twice, but since then I have always said "no" when hubby suggested getting some. So he stopped asking... Well, let's just say hubby was quite surprised when I suddenly suggested he and the toddler should each get one.

Isn't the toddler's cupcake cute? Hubby got a lemon cupcake with Meyer Lemon filling and vanilla frosting, and the toddler got a strawberry cupcake with just the tiniest bit of jam running through the middle. I can't remember what the frosting was, but it was delicious...

Well, as you may have guessed, I did end up sampling (hubby may interject here and say "shared") the cupcakes. Oh, and the toddler finished his cupcake very quickly and managed to get some of hubby's also... I think overall, it was perfect: we all got a little something sweet without going overboard...

Life is indeed sweet... :o)

Questions: Do you like cupcakes? What are your favorite flavors? Have you ever baked your own cupcakes?

Be well,