Monday, August 17, 2009

How Many Times Per Week Do You Work Out?

When I started this blog, I put an exercise survey on the side bar. At the time, nobody was really reading my blog (except for hubby - no, hubby is not "nobody"...), so for a long time only two people had answered the survey: hubby and I... But, over the months, a total of 56 people answered the survey. And here are the results:

2 (3%)
1-2 times
4 (7%)
3-4 times
24 (42%)
5 or more times
26 (46%)

I think it's awesome that 88% of those who answered work out three or more times per week. And 46% work out five times or more per week.

A little while ago, I wrote about the fact that I was going to the gym every day, but that I wasn't pushing myself hard enough. I also wasn't really enjoying my workouts but simply going through the motions. I have since planned and implemented two "push myself" days per week. I have also gone on a few long, very hilly, challenging hikes (which are undoubtedly my favorite form of exercise). I am also making myself take one active rest day per week. On active rest days, I simply play with the toddler - sometimes not so much rest (physically and emotionally)... Because of my small adjustments, I'm again happy with my workouts... I think some self-reflection once in a while is truly beneficial and necessary when it comes to exercise, or for that matter, really anything in life...

So here are my questions for YOU today (I would be thrilled if you answered any or all of them in the comments, but more importantly, ANSWER THEM FOR YOURSELF and decide whether it's time to make some adjustments!):
  1. How often do you work out per week?
  2. What do your workouts look like?
  3. What do you love about your workouts?
  4. Do you feel you are stuck in an exercise rut?
  5. What is one way you can change your routine a bit to enjoy your workouts more (running instead of the elliptical, a class instead of weight machines, yoga instead of stretching, swimming instead of the stationary bike...)?
Be well,