Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cheat vs. Treat vs. Overall Balance

In my earlier post today, I asked "What's your favorite 'cheat' food?" I put "cheat" in quotation marks because I don't think there is such a thing as cheating when it comes to eating. Maybe using the word "treat" would have been a better option. (But I guess I wanted to tie my question to the topic of the post: my toddler "cheating" on my homemade pizza...).

Some of my readers pointed out that they didn't like to think of certain foods as "cheat" foods. I totally agree. I think when we talk about "cheat" foods we often think of "good" and "bad" foods. And there really isn't such a thing. Once I stopped thinking of food as good or bad, my relationship with food became a lot healthier, and I became a lot healthier.

I think for a while I renamed "cheat" foods "treat" foods. And that was fine. It was a reminder that I could have a treat once in a while. Today I don't think of certain foods as "treats" anymore, but I focus more on overall balance. I think there is a lot of room in what we eat. And there is definitely room for "treats" much more often than we may think if we balance it all out. Also, I think it has a lot to do with portion size. I now eat much smaller portions of most foods, except for veggies, which I eat in large amounts. I eat what I feel like eating, but I honestly don't need huge amounts because I know that I can have more next time. I also try not to eat certain food groups together and have found that not "miscombining" too much makes a big difference for my digestive system.

I can't believe my simple morning post brought out all these thoughts... That's why I like this blog and my readers so much! I get to focus on living my best life, and I never really know where my journey is going to take me... I love hearing from you in the comments and by email! You guys make me think and reevaluate what I am doing all the time. Thank you! :o)

Okay, so I also got a question as to what my "treat" food was. The answer is simple: Cheese. Every kind of cheese imaginable... It's soooo good! And yes, it's okay to have a little when I feel like it... :o)

I hope you had a good weekend! Enjoy what's left of it!

Be well,


  1. GREAT afterthought! I had read your first post and got hung up on the "cheat" part because I am having a HUGE personal re-evaluation with my relationship with food.....

    that and my toddler distracted me ....

    i have to say my biggest "treat" food is also CHEESE...
    oooooey Gooooooey ANYTHING is the bomb!

    you wrote somewhere...oh, at Michelle's blog you liked baked Brie and I just about DIED! That addiction was banned from my life for a while, and I had forgotten how much I LOVE that stuff!

    yeah...cheese anything please.

    I did like your segue into the toddler "cheating" on your home made pizza! it was DARLING!

    well, I am off to make a "grocery list"
    who knows where I am headed THIS week!

  2. Anonymous8/23/2009

    Yea I used to have "cheat" foods but no more! Everything that I love is a food I'll eat without feeling guilty...just in moderation! But one of my favorites that I do like to treat myself to quite often is Frozen Yogurt FULL of yummy toppings! It's kinda been a Sat. ritual for the past month or so and I'm loving it!

  3. great post! it's funny how things can turn around with a simple change in language and how we view things.

  4. Anonymous8/23/2009

    You definitely sound like you have a great relationship with food now! I often feel guilty for eating non-whole grains and think of it as "bad". I just need to make sure I keep portions in check, and I'll be a ok! Thanks for the reminder :) Yes, I love hearing various thoughts on healthy issues too!

  5. Love this post! My "cheat" or "treat" favorite is definitely, without a doubt, cheese and chocolate. Not together....I just love them both so much...

  6. Anonymous8/23/2009

    Sometimes we get tripped up on the language surrounding food, especially with a lot of the ways people use to talk about a "diet" and that you went on a diet, only to go off of it after you lost the weight! No wonder "diets never work", it's all about making a lasting lifestyle change. I too love this community for the support we give each other as we make our way!

    These days my favorite treat is dark chocolate, and I help myself get away from that idea of "cheating" by letting myself have some every day if I want it! :)

  7. good call. it is not healthy to think of food as "bad" or "good"~i mean there is healthy and unhealthy, for sure, but the labels bad and good shouldn't be reserved for food, especially since usually what people label as "bad" are foods they actually love!

  8. Mine are chicken nachos.... which I had today - eek! haha I kid and I see EXACTLY what you mean. I'm a calorie counter and know i've peeved a few people by classifying things as "good days" (when i'm in my recommended calorie zone) and "bad days." (when i'm not). I don't mean it that way - I more mean that I was "bad" of not achieving my goal! Anywho - I like the idea of 'treats' instead of 'cheats.' :)

  9. Anonymous8/23/2009

    Haha, you and I are the same. Both total cheese-whores! We should totally have a cheese and cracker gathering together, tee hee!
    (I have like 7 different kinds of cheeses in my fridge...woohoo!)

  10. i treat myself to dessert at special occasions, like weddings and birthday parties.

  11. Anonymous8/24/2009

    I do love my cheese but we tend to eat it only on weekends (not including the use of it in cooking of course). My "cheat foods" change with seasons, right now it would be ice-cream or milkshakes :)

  12. I definitely prefer the term "treat" to cheat, LOL I did quite quite a bit of "treating" this weekend, but all in moderation so it was fine!

    BTW, your toddler... SO cute!! :)